RSS Funeral with arsenal creating afraid in public on the occasion of Dusehra ( Manuwadi )

Today there was a funeral of RSS activist and creating  a horror in mind of public when lot of  RSS workers  started to march with arsenal like, rods, pistols, rifles and kirpans,  within the street of Barnala district of Punjab  on the occasion of celebration of Dusehra and squad by Punjab Police.

This a agreat message for all moolnivasi if we will revolt  against baramanwad who is governing us for about  2300 years then they will crush us with weapons like this as  they crushed ours ten  emperors moolnivasias ( Ravans) by PUSHWAMITAR (RAM  Brahmins)

Please be beware of RSS terrorist activities helped by various agencies.
                                         Jai Bheem  Jai Bharat Jai Moolnivasi


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