Ram is a brahmin king Pushyamitra Shunga ( 187 to 150 B.C. ), who helped brahmins to establish Brahmin rule on India via Manusmriti. That’s why, brahmins worship Ram.
Ram ( i.e. Pushyamitra Shunga) was very cruel and druncard person having cruel intentions. He badly tortured Mulnivasi Indians and then killed them. He cut off noses and breasts of many Indian women like Shuparnakha; disfigured them and then killed them. So, no one Indian should worship Ram!! To worship Ram means to accept the slavery of Brahmins!!

Ravan was a an Adivasi Gind king in the Middle India in the 5 th century B.C.( present day Madhya Pradesh ). He was the contemporary of Lord Buddha and he was the great follower of Buddhism. He had a long discussion with Lord Buddha, which is recorded in Lankavar Sutta. He had gained 10 parimitas or bala’s of Buddhism; so, he was called as DASHANAN or DASHBALI RAVAN. To insult him, brahmins presented him in the form of 10 headed Ravan. Ravan was a noble Buddhist king. So, every Indian should worship him and stop burning him. To burn Ravan means to follow the slavery of Brahmins!!!

Ram i.e. Pushyamitra was born about 400 years later than Ravan; but cunning brahmins still presented him in as an imaginary enemy of Ram, so as to defame Buddhist king Ravan and Buddhism. Also, they shown his kingdom in Shrilanka because Shrilanka is a Buddhist country.

Pushyamitra or Ram had destroyed Buddhist Mauryan empire having 10 king in succession.So, brahmins depicted these 10 kings as the 10 heads of Ravan. Brahmins presented Pushyamitra with an imaginary name RAM because they feared that, if they will present real history in Ramayana with RAM as a brahmin king Pushyamitra and Ravan as a Buddhist king and Mauryan empire; then there will be a severe revolt against the brahmins and nobody will accept RAMAYAN!
                                                                      Pratap Chatse


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  2. Great Article..
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  4. At last, truth only prevails! Let it be late, but I believe, there will be a time when the real 'faggs' will be enlightened. And India will be free of those 'dirty' superstitions, rituals, wrecked beliefs paved by Hinduism. And will march progressively and speedily towards the zenith, and will work cooperatively towards a beautiful world!
    The article is an eye-opener.
    Hope the first commentor will be enlightened someday!

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  6. Good Article, research should be done.

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  8. Very good, nice article

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  10. When truth comes out, the Brahmins get disturbed and use abusive language. They immediately forget their humanity and their so called universal love. It is the indication that they are exposed and get disturbed. Good indication/witness for truth.

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  12. The Truth Explained!! great article !

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