Who killed constitution & how?

Mangalore: upper castes less than 15% are playing a very dangerous game of sub vesting the very constitution of India and the fragile democratic structures—using a Hindu party nominee
 In the course of the past 64 year, they successfully Hinduaised, the meaning enslaved, the non-Hindu SC/ST/BCs (65% ,instigated them against –Muslims/ Christians/ Sikhs(20%), and after making them unthinking slaves they are bend upon breaking the constitution itself setting up two phantoms- Anna Hzare and Baba Ramdev who flies in his own jet.

Bogus J.P movement: Earlier, (1970s) another (J.P) messiah came promising heaven and pushed us to hell.

Brahmana Jati Party (BJP) created Hindu terrorists, the Congress the orginal brahminical Prarty blessed by Gandhian frauds mislead whole country and finally the Manuvadi Marxists built their upper caste empire shouting socialist slogans.

DV said all this:

Every party deceived the people and finally the two unelected extra- constitutional authorities, Hazare and Ramdev had to come to prove the parliament, state legislature, functioning under the constitution have totally failed.

What they are telling is true. DV has been telling the very same thing for the past 32 years.

But none botherd

Now the two unelected fellows- exploiting the blind beliefs of the poor suffering, unemployed, illiterate masses—had to come to announce that the constitution has been killed. Who is telling it? The very representatives of the ruling class who killed the constitution.

How do you like this? Is it not clear that India that is Bharat is slowly dying.


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