Powerful castes get the cake

Our correspondent
Mangalore: “Khatri Sick” PM’s Congress-led UPA Govt. has pleased the ruling upper castes much more than the Hindu terrorist party. Upper castes are enjoying a heaven on earth.

The PM and his cronies have given a free hand to the corrupt. But inconvenient fellows among Dalits, OBCs and Muslims are thrown into jail. 

Dalits deceived: It deceived the Dalits by rejecting their demand for quota within the quota but accepting the same principal in the case of OBCs. The govt. is likely to split the 27%BCs quota among different OBCs to oblige the influential OBCs like the Yadavas and Kurmis.
At the same time it rejected the Dalit demand for quota within the quota.

Caste-based census rejected: In yet another mischief, it rejected the over-whelming demand for caste-based census but the Cabinet has approved a count aimed at segmenting the population economically-below and above the poverty line—and socially into numerous caste groups.

The BPL census and the caste census is a mammoth task involving identification of the real poor in the country along with listing of caste affiliation of the entire population .the counting will begin in June. Excellent diversion. But the OBC communities would not be counted as demanded. The six-month long census for conducting a head count of “poor people”, along with their caste and religious affiliations, will be almost paperless as the enumerators will be armed with low-cost tablet computers.


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