The Very Indian System Is Corrupt

The fence is erected to protect the field. Now, we get the high-voltage shock that the fence itself is eating the field. This shocking revelation has come from an ex-Union Law Minister who named eight corrupt former chief justices of the Supreme Court.

That the judiciary, including the highest court, is not above suspicion is well known. Not only the judges, even the Supreme Court top lawyers.

Shanti Bhushan has named the corrupt CJS and many of them are Brahmins. Corruption is not the monopoly of any caste but the Bhoodevatas are leaders in this field also.

The whole world is shocked by the Brahmin culprit Kalmadi’s corruption in the Commonwealth Games. But we are not.

Because it is not possible in “Hindu India” to exist without being corrupt.

The problem we face in India is we always have different meaning to every act.

When a person is accused of corruption, what we mean is “money corruption”. But we have said in our book, India’s Intellectual Desert (DSA-1999, Rs. 50) that money corruption is the last and the least dangerous of the four forms of corruption. “Intellectual corruption” is the most dangerous form of the four.

A Supreme Court sitting judge recently delivered in Bangalore three lectures on a working day at Brahminical institutions on different aspects of Brahminical law. And fully defending it. When the country and its SC are governed by the constitution how could this Brahmin judge uphold the hated anti-human law of Manu?

Nobody criticised this judge’s conduct in defending Manu which is more dangerous than crores of corruption.

There is yet another important side to the “corruption stories” which always get front-page publicity. Why the readers love “corruption stories”, like to see corrupt fellows pictures and punished by the law of the land?
BRIBE-GIVER IS ALSO CORRUPT An official, judge or a minister takes money. And this is called corruption.

But did we ever think that the “corrupt fellow” took the bribe because it was willingly given to him by the interested party? Then why don’t we criticise the bribe-giver? Without the bribe-giver how can there be a bribe-taker? Both are too sides of the same coin.

In this Brahminical India there is no single govt. dept., central or state, which is not corrupt. It is top to bottom. Corruption begins from the top. Not the bottom.

It is also wrong to say that corruption is confined to only govt. sector. The private sector is equally corrupt. All private education institutions collect heavy capitation fees — all unaccounted. Private hospitals, loot the patients.

All shops cheat the customers with faulty weighing machines. Drug stores dispense spurious medicines. Taxis and autos cheat people. There is no place without corruption.

What about temple corruption? Yes. The list of bribe amount is displayed at the very entrance. All auditors bribe income tax officers. Traders avoid paying tax. Liquor stores sell adulterated stuff.

Cricket is top to bottom corrupt.

Newspapers and journals resort to all sorts of corruption. If you give Scotch and chicken tikka you will get a good report.

Every Press Club in big cities get big money from the powers-to be. “Paid News” is the latest corruption charge against the daily papers. Even the Press Commission is trying to hush up the crime.

In another two years newspapers will have to devote almost every page to report corruption stories.

You will be shocked to hear even village voters have started demanding money for votes. That means our Brahminical system has made even the people corrupt.

The top in every branch of the society is corrupt. Those in the bottom are watching and learning. India will then become the worst corrupt in the world.

Who is not corrupt in India?

Our very system itself is corrupt. Our entire socio-economic-cultural-political machinery has become totally corrupt.

Harshad Mehta was not a govt. servant. Bal Thackeray, sitting on a mountain of money today, too was never in govt. Our Dalal Street Dagalbajis are not govt. servants.

The Kanchi Shankarachari nogetting any conviction despite his proven scandals and murders is neither a govt. servant nor a politician.

The whole lot is corrupt. Our very system is corrupt.

The Christian church, the Muslim masjid, the Sikh gurdwaras are not above corruption.

The No.2 man in the Army is today facing court martial for corruption,. We saw the army corruption in the purchase of coffins when George Fernandes was the Defence Minister.

To repeat: Our very system itself is corrupt — rotten. The “Khatri Sick” PM himself defended CW Games corruption.

What is this system?

This system glorifies the rich. Ambanis are praised and paraded. They are always front-paged. Why the people “respect” the Ambanis even when they don’t pay the tax?

Why the papers always front-page news of “India’s richest”? Because we are silently admire the rich and would like to emulate them.

Get-rich-quick is the advice given to every youth by the father and mother.

About 20 years ago the parent wished his son to study well and lead a happy life.

Now, this has changed.

The common talk is: “Do you know so and so is doing very well?” What he means by that “wellness” is the fellow has made pots of money. But nobody asks how he has made that money.

Nobody is interested in knowing it. So when the rich are glamourised, praised and paraded, get front page in Times of India, our value system changes. We aim at making money by hook or crook.

But making money is the easiest. You must have no scruples, no principles. Cheat, rob, bribe or take bribe, resort to any means including murder — you become rich. And once you become rich you become the Ambani. Your past is quickly forgotten. And get all awards, rewards. Front page pictures, TV interviews, Rotary Club honour.

Your wife, mother, father will all love you, run after you only if you are rich.

This writer is the eldest in the family and yet poorest. The family is not interested in our intellectual attainments. Who is interested in all this useless things? “All his brothers and sisters live in their own bungalows but this fellow lives in a rented house and always clad in a jungle dress”. This how we are ridiculed.

Look at the value system of the society. It honours, loves, adores only the rich. So the natural rush to make money and be known to the society as a crorepati.

Our value system has changed. It does not give any mark to your character, values, intellectual attainments, your work and suffering for social change. Nothing.

In a temple .no poor man is allowed inside. Only the one who comes in a big car with post of money to the “god”(meaning the priest)gets the first preference

The god also respects the rich.

What is the point in blaming the Supreme Court CJs? Poorfellows. They are all victims of the socio-cultural system that governs this Brahminical society.

The whole thing is sickening.

That is why nothing in India is progressing. Nothing in India is moving. Corruption is killing India.

CW Games is the best proof. The whole country has become one vast CW Games village. (See p.3 Edit)

Our entire traffic, railways, police system, banks, education, health system — are all cracking, collapsing.

The “Khatri Sick” is called India’s most “honest PM”. But just because he is not taking bribes (we do not know it) does not mean he is not corrupt.

Corruption is not “money corruption” alone. We have explained this in our book, India’s Intellectual Desert.

Corrupt thoughts are more dangerous than mere money corruption. The “Khatri Sick’s” thoughts itself are corrupt. A World Bank (Jewish-owned) nominee, he is supporting the “Jews of India” blindly. Is it not corruption?

Over 150 stone-pelting students were fired at and killed in Kashmir. Amnesty International has taken serious objection to this action but the country’s ruling class is fully backing this PM. Our ruling class is itself corrupt to the core and this corruption is spreading deep into villages. Dangerous days are ahead.

As the PM, he is responsible for every action of the govt. All the actions of the govt under him are in favour of the rich who in India are none but the upper castes (15%). It is only after he took over more Indians were pushed below the poverty line.

Money corruption is the last and the least dangerous part of the over all world of corruption.

The church (both Catholic and Protestant) keeping the Dalit Christians (2.5%) out of power is corruption. Syrian Christians dominating the entire North East Mongoloid church is corruption.

Hindu temples not allowing Dalits to enter is corruption.

Kashmiris not being allowed self-determination is corruption.

Upper caste Muslims opposing separate reservation for Pasmanda Muslims is corruption.

Jat Sikhs abandoning the Guru Granth and taking to Dasam Granth is corruption.

Casteist rule of the Marathas in Mahrashtra, Reddi-Khamma rule in Andhra Pradesh, Brahmin-Kayasth, Baidya rule in Bengal, Brahmin-Nair-Syrian Christian rule in Kerala, Brahmin-Lingayat rule in Karnataka all these are part of the overall world of systemic corruption.

Our whole body itself has become corrupt, diseased. The disease has entered all parts of our body through the roots or shoots and freely transported within every tissue.

Nothing can save this country from this systemic disease. It is sure death.

Eliminating corruption is impossible in “Hindu India”. Because the cancer is too deep, spreading its roots all over.

What is needed is not a drive to curb corruption but to destroy the very value system that prompts you to become corrupt. But the value system comes mostly from the religion. Who is ready to touch the religion?

May be the Brahminical India will rot, stink and degenerate — until another foreign invader comes and takes over. China stands a good chance.


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