Anna Hazare’s Gandhian stunts to fool innocent Indians

Mangalore: Take it from us, “Hindu India” can never eradicate corruption.
Why? Because the very Indian social system is corrupt. We have said it in our report in DV of Oct 16,2010 Neither the anti-corruption crusader, Anna Hazare, nor his opponents in the govt. are above corruption. Because corruption (meaning money corruption).flows from the top. It is the ruling upper castes, as the leaders of society, who taught us corruption. And that is how the whole society is today buried in corruption. There is not a single wing of the society which is free from corruption.

Hazare defends the corrupt: If the current “Khatri Sick” PM or future PMs are free from corruption, why are they afraid of including the office of the PM in LokPal Bill?

If Anna Hazare is lily white why did he defend Narendra Modi, the killer, and also the country’s most corrupt CM of Karnataka? Anna Hazare is said to be a Gandhian-but it is the Muslims, Christians and Sikhs who became victims of Gandhi and his Gandhism

Dr. Ambedkar, the Father of India, called Gandhi a top class fraud in his writing and speeches.

The whole excercise on Lokpal Bill is a waste of time. The frauds on both sides are united while publicly quarreling. But they are secretly trying to take the country on a joy ride, and thereby fool all of us. This is what is happening in the current Anna Hazare’s Gandhian drama.

As our memory is short-lived, we would like to remind our DV family how the whole Indian social system is corrupt by reproducing our DV report of Oct 16, 2010. “The very Indian system is corrupt”.


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