Does RSS believe in non-violence?

Bangalore: Have you ever heard or read of two Brahmins fighting in public? Yes, they do fight in strict privacy. But to fight the Bahujans, they put up a united front.When history says this who can believe the Hindu terrorist RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s charge that Lt. Col. Srikant Purohit, also a Chitpavan Brahmin heading the more ferocious Brahminical terrorist outfit, Abhinav Bharat, was planning to kill him? (Hindu, Feb.12, 2011).

Falsehood: The RSS chief says Purohit (now in Nasik jail) had not only no connection with RSS but in fact working against it.

All this is total falsehood. Brahminists are told not to speak truth, according to their scriptures.

The transcript of 22 pages of conversations between different RSS leaders available from the laptop, seized from Purohit, clearly shows that Bhagwat and his RSS had all their blessings for the many acts of violence and killings, if not anti-national activities of Purohit and his Abhinav Bharat.

Aseemananda bid to save RSS: As the noose was tightening round Purohit and more and more skeletons were tumbling out of the Abhinav Bharat cupboard, the RSS wants to keep itself away from Purohit. This is the purpose behind RSS statement saying that RSS did not believe in violence and that Purohit’s many anti-national actions had nothing to do with RSS.

Similar is the purpose behind the Bengali Swami Aseemananda‘s “confessions”. He wants to confuse those willing to be confused and save the RSS by pleading that it does not believe in violence though every action of RSS has been violent.

Who killed Gandhi: Who killed the Gujarati Bania, M.K. Gandhi? Why did the RSS distribute sweets all over India to celebrate his killing — if it did not believe in violence? Why did it kill thousands of Muslims in the “Gujarat Genocide” (2002)? Why did it go deep into the Dangs forests in Gujarat to mentally cripple the innocent (Christian) tribals? Who killed the Australian missionary and his family in Orissa and then killing hundreds of tribals in Kandhamal? Who conducted the Nellie massacre in Assam? RSS, which stands for Brahminical dictatorship over India, is a para-military force which uses only violence while mouthing ahimsa slogan. Aseemananda “confessions” are given wide publicity in the Brahminical toilet papers but it is this very fellow, a wolf in sheep’s clothings who was deeply involved in the Gujarat attacks on Christians. His acts of violence were reported in the Indian Express of Dec.4, 1998. If he was not so dear to the Hindu terrorists why did the Gujarat’s killer Modi protect him?

Hindu gods fully armed: We know the Brahminists project an image of “poverty” and “non-violence” while the fact is they are just the opposite. Their gods are fully armed from head to foot. RSS escapes responsibility by sub-contracting the “violent part” of their actions to its sister units like the Bajrang Dal. And the Hindu police, prosecutor and the judge exonerate the Gandhi killers.

As India has already become the Hindu (read Brahminic) Rashtra, anything the rulers do becomes right and its victims wrong.

Assemananda’s “confessions”, which are so widely advertised in the Brahminical toilet papers, are aimed at saving the RSS and the Abhinav Bharat from terrorist acts.

Muslim had no part: That is why India’s Hindu Govt. is not producing the jailed Purohit and his fellow conspirators before the court and charging them.

The police and even IB which have been so far so kind to these forces have now found the hand of AB and RSS in all the secret bomb explosions in which hundreds of Muslims have been arrested. All of them are still rotting in jails though enough proof is available that Muslims had no part in it. Yet these innocents are not released.

The key element in the Aseemananda confessions is that the RSS is not involved in violence and does not believe in violence.

But history of India proves the exact opposite. The violence unleased in the Babri Masjid and hundreds of anti-Muslim, anti-Christian and anti-Sikh riots proved the pervasive Brahminical violence.


What is happening to RSS?


Bangalore: Brahmins never fight between themselves. They unitedly fight and divide us to keep themselves permanently as rulers. This is what the history says? But for the first time the Brahmins themselves are talking about a break and severe infighting between the Bhoodevatas. The chief of the RSS, which killed Gandhi, has complained that the super RSS Abhinav Bharat chief, Col. Purohit, a Chitpavan Brahmin, is planning to kill him. A top RSS leader and also a Brahmin has written a book saying that RSS is dying having lost its principles and character. Are the Brahminists trying to confuse us with the help of their monopoly manuwadi media, so that our centuries-old oppressor further consolidate its grip on our neck?



Sanjeev Kelkar, ex-Medicial Director

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