Supreme Court is not supreme when it comes to lawyers fees

Bangalore: An honest Dalit IAS officer who is facing a Brahminical case before the Supreme Court has written that the “best lawyer’s” charges are Rs. 3 to Rs. 5 lakhs per appearance and Rs. 25 to Rs. 30 lakhs for the whole day.His case before the Supreme Court may take a month or two. How much his lawyer will pocket?

Is there any other profession in India with such high income?

This is what we reported in Our Dec.1, 2009 DV (p.21) headlined “Lawyers who make Rs. 5 lakhs for a 5-minute job”:

New Delhi:
The handful of India’s elite lawyers are probably the country’s highest paid professionals. Harish Salve, Mukul Rohatgi, Ashok Desai, K.K. Venugopal and Abhishek Singhvi are the notables in this essentially boys’ club. They charge around Rs. 3-5 lakh for a five-minute appearance, and can manage up to 10 such appearances per day. For outstation cases, the rate is even higher: from Rs. 10-30 lakh, plus expenses.

Some of India’s top 10-15 advocates earn over Rs. 50 crore a year by way of legal fees.

Soli Sorabjee, Shanti Bhushan and Fali Nariman are said to be in the same income bracket. But they like former law minister Ram Jethmalani representing the Anil Ambani group in the Reliance case, take cases selectively. (Economic Times, Nov.31, 2009).

Judicial terrorism: The Supreme Court is giving advice to everybody in the country but why it is silent on the loot going on under its own high-domed hall of justice? Where is the justice in India? Did the Supreme Court bother to implement the constitution? (Judicial Terrorism, DSA-2006, pp.20, only photocopy available).

When the Brahminical rulers of India are “opening up” the country to anything and everything that is foreign, why it is not allowing foreign lawyers to practice in our courts?

No. That will not be allowed. The legal fraternity will revolt because they all will be jobless. All the top lawyers are upper castes.

The “Khatri Sick” Govt. has great love for his jatwalas. His Govt. will not hurt the ruling class.

Foreign media: Same is the case with foreign media. Once it comes, the existing corrupt, communal, casteist, silly-mad-mad-media, will die a natural death. The “Radia Tapes” have given out the names of all these corrupt fellows parading as TV and print media heroes and heroines.

As “Hindu India” has killed the anger of its starving people, these corrupt lawyers, media pimps will continue to have a gala time.


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