Hindu rulers miss opportunities of Middle East revolution

Bangalore: The series of revolutions in Arab countries in Middle East, so spontaneously greeted by the peoples all over the world, did not please India’s anti-Muslim rulers. So much so the Hindu rulers have suffered yet another setback with revolutionary Iran emerging as the leader of the entire Muslim world. Rise of Islam: Look at the power of the mighty “Forces of history” which we have been talking about.

The Middle East revolution is a big defeat for India.

The rise of Iran, so much hated by the Jews and the “Jews of India” right in the middle of the world, and also of China, fast emerging as a world leader, proves the total failure of the “Khatri Sick” foreign policy which is manufactured by his zionist masters in Washington and sold to India.

Even as the sole super power, USA, is itself fast sinking, India’s Brahminical worms are not ready to read the writings on the wall. Along with USA, its blue-eyed boy, the zionist Israel, will also sink.

World War-III: Already Israel is surrounded by all anti-zionist countries. With Iran becoming a nuclear power, and the entire Middle East Muslim countries baying for the zionist blood, we will not be surprised if an explosion takes place in this region.

May be the arrogant Israel may attack Iran inviting quick retaliation which will instantly lead to the World War-III.

China as major gainer:
The European Union and even Britain may not quickly come to support Israel. China of course will be the major gainer as it will be automatically catapulted as the world leader of the oppressed.

India isolated: Which side the “Hindu India” will be? What will the “India shiningwalas” then do? When they are already hostile to Muslims and China, who will trust them?

Fall of Saudi: Another major development of the Middle east revolution is the fall of Saudi Arabia, already in the grip of Jews, which is misleading the innocent Muslims calling itself the “Custodian of Islam”. The King of Saudi is already seriously ill and very old. Hundreds of his closest princes are waiting for his death. The fear is Saudi Arabia will plunge into chaos.

Role of Indian Muslims: Indian Muslims, forming about 15 to 20%, constitute the world’s largest Muslim population. Indonesia may be bigger but they are not strict Muslim. Indian Muslims are controlled by its 2% corrupt religious and political leaders who will be thrown out using the current opportunity.

Many cataclysmic changes are expected. Indian Muslims must get ready.

This is also an opportunity for Dalits and Bahujans to join hands with Muslims, our blood brothers, and bring about the long awaited Ambedkarite revolution.


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