Maratha-Brahmin “fighting” keeps Maharashtra entertained

Bangalore: The Brahminical violence in the Chitpavan stronghold of Pune, the home of Gandhi’s famous killer Godse, once again flared up on Dec.27 and 28 2010 (Who Godse Killed Gandhi, V.T. Rajshekar, DSA-1997). 
The provocation was the repetition of the vaidik hate-monger’s famous views on Shivaji being born to a Brahmin called Konddeo.

DV supports Marathas: Brahmins and the ruling Marathas of Maharashtra have been blood enemies for centuries. As students of the “Law of contradictions”, we support the Marathas in their fight against Brahminism, India’s principal contradiction.

When a similar violence broke out at Pune, the Editor rushed to Pune and supported the Marathas (DV Edit March 1, 2004: “Maratha-vidik blood feud sparks attack on BORI: Shiv Dharma stress on caste identity” and also “Brahminical mischief in BORI” by Dr. K. Jamanadas (p.5).

Marathas are the single largest ruling caste of MS but the Brahmins got them divided into Congress and NCP led by Sharad Pawar. It is the NCP leader R.R. Patil who was the State Home Minister when the Hindu terrorists attack took place in Bombay (26/11/2008) to kill Karkare. The attack was master-minded by the very same Chitpavan Brahmins led by Lt. Col. Srikant Purohit.

But R.R. Patil did not have the courage to divulge the truth — disclosed in the hot selling Who Killed Karkare? book by an eminent and brave police officer S.N. Mushrif.

At least after the Mushrif book disclosed the secret plot of the Hindu terrorists, who caused the dismissal of a Maratha Chief Minister and brought bad name to Patil himself, he could have revealed the truth. But no courage.

Chitpavans know Maratha weakness: Does it not prove that the Marathas have no courage to take on the Chitpavans head on?

If they are keen on fighting their principal enemy, they should have joined with OBCs, Dalits and Muslims. But the Marathas are only willing to wound but afraid to fight the enemy. Yes. The enemy knows the Maratha weakness and that is how it goes on insulting Shivaji.

Alas, this love-hate relationship between Marathas and Brahmins is keeping the rest of the slaves fully entertained.


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