Corruption strengthens Hinduism : Raid on temples & ashramas will reveal all secrets


Bangalore: Recent sensational disclosures in their own Hindu media about Hindu India’s top upper caste (Hindus) corruption have revealed the pernicious hand of many Hindu godmen.
Mrs. Niira Radia, India’s topmost fixer and the king (or queen) pin behind the spectrum scam, the mother of all scams, has disclosed that she had the full blessings of the notorious Pejawara Swami of Udupi in coastal Karnataka heading a Madhwa Brahmin cult.

This swami is also the driving force behind Karnataka’s most corrupt Chief Minister Yeddyurappa.

When Yeddyurappa and the “Khatri Sick” PM were exposed for their role in scams both rushed to Puttapurthi to seek the blessings of the notorious Satya Sai Baba who keeps the stolen money of all the biggest thieves of the country.

If the “Khatri Sick” PM is so pure why he is avoiding the JPC?

The Ambanis regularly visit Tirupati, the country’s richest temple, and pour billions of their tainted money.

The god on receiving the money from these thieves converts them into angels. Does it not mean Hinduism stands for corruption and through corruption Hinduism is being strengthened ?

Another notorious “Sri Sri” Ravi Shankar, who is operating an international racket from Bangalore, is the hot favourite of all the corrupt rascals.

Yet another postman-turned holy man at Mysore, Ganapati Sachidananda Swamy, had all the money of the Chanakya, P.V. Narasimha Rao, who slept while the Babri Masjid was demolished by the Brahmin terrorist party. The Chanakya died before taking the money back.

Chandraswami of Delhi was the hot favourite of PM Indira Gandhi.

The Shankarachari of Kanchi is the principal adviser to the Hindu terrorist party itself. Nothing happened to him despite all the proven charges of murder etc.

Abhinav Bharat, the super Hindu terrorist party, comprising mainly the Chitpavan Brahmins who murdered hundreds of Muslims, is fully protected by all the Swamis, saints.

There are hundreds of such fraudmen parading as godmen but all of them are going strong despite keeping all the money stolen from the treasury of this poor country.

When the govt. is ordering raid on the houses of top crooks like Radia, Kalmadi, etc., etc., why it is not handling these godmen-turned fraudmen?

Temples and Ashrams in India are like the Swiss banks, safe and secure. Since political leaders have close connections with these godmen, they are well-sheltered and well protected.

The nexus between Hindu godmen protecting the stolen money and the thieves can be broken if the judiciary orders the CBI and the police to raid such centres.

One thing has became clear: Brahminism parading as Hinduism and its myriad godmen are promoting their Hinduism by promoting corruption, enslaving the Bahujans and thereby destroying this country.


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