India’s relations with China further damaged ?

Bangalore: Chinese PM Wen Ji-abao’s recent visit to Delhi in December 2010 has once again exposed the crooked mentality of India’s ruling upper castes. 
That Jews controlling America are guiding the “Jews of India” became more clear — seriously damaging India’s interests with China at a time when our giant Eastern neighbour is fast becoming the world’s No.1 power.

The “Khatri Sick” PM, a World Bank man, has repeatedly demonstrated his pro-American tilt supporting India’s ruling upper castes (15%) thereby seriously jeopardising the interests of the Bahujan big majority (85%).

Sinking US: Even a former Indian diplomat, who cannot be expected to be an advocate of the Bahujan cause, has pointed out (Deccan Herald, Dec.21, 2010) three major mistakes which “permanently” damaged our relations with China.

The Indian rulers preferred to go with the sinking US than with the rising China —soon to become the world’s No.1 power.

(1) India for the first time linked India’s core interests over Kashmir with China’s core interests over Tibet and Taiwan — something India avoided for five decades.

(2) It was an insult to China ask Karan Singh to reject Chinese invitation to receive “Friendship Award” in Delhi.

(3) India ignored repeated Chinese requests over Oslo Nobel award to a Chinese zionist agent.

(4) Once again the Tibetan rowdy elements were let lose to demonstrate against Wen in Delhi.

S.M. Krishna missing: Indian rulers have permanently damaged centuries-old India-China relations.

However, one thing became clear: Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna was not to be seen during Wen’s high profile state visit. Foreign Minister’s role is next only that of the PM. Why was he kept out? DV had given the reasons.


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