ISRO’s bunch of Brahmin boys & GSLV failure

Bangalore: ISRO, with its headquarters in Bangalore, and a huge budget ever since it was established, has been the abode of a bunch of Brahminist boys who are more interested in their mantra, eating, dancing and everything else that is antagonistic to science.
It has been also the monopoly of upper caste Malayalis. Its present head, K. Radhakrishnan’s main occupation, the office insiders say, is singing, dancing and eating.

Silence of “Khatri Sick” PM: In a beggar country, which is not able to feed 3/4 of its 1,300 million people, failures after failures of ISRO’s costly experiments will only help the rulers of India to further impoverish the country. Hence the stoic silence of the “Khatri Sick” PM on the ISRO’s latest GSLV failure.

These fake scientists, get lot of publicity in their “national” toilet papers.

Millions and millions are wasted in huge expenditures on unnecessary experiments on one side and their brothers draining the country in endless corruption. It is all-round looting but who will question them?

Our “god’s good man”, “Khatri Sick” PM did not say even a word on the latest in the series of failures on Dec.25, 2010.

His silence proves the entire upper caste mentality.


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  2. upper caste are always upper if u guys have guts just beat them then talk about them i pity fools like u

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