Gandhi did nothing to Untouchables

At that time there was Yagna by Brahmins for his long life. More over it was a custom to do something good to the people on his birthday. It is then that the Rajah chose the right thing to do at the right time.  
He announced that on his birthday all temples would be thrown open to all including the low caste Hindus and Untouchables. This is the history of the struggle. This is how the Untouchables were given the rights to enter the temples.

It is only after all these that Rajagopalachary and Gandhi came forward to speak of temple entry. It is quite absurd to say that these changes took place because of Gandhi. As a matter of fact Gandhi has not done even a molecule of service to the Untouchables. You will understand this well by reading “What Congress and Gandhi have done to Untouchables”, a bok written by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

When I was the Secretary of the Tamilnadu Congress committee out of the funds of the party Gurukulam (free students hostel) was run at Seranmadevi, As secretary I consented to give Rs. 10,000 and paid a part sum of Rs. 5,000. One Brahmin named V.V.S. Iyer took up the responsibility to run the institution. In that Gurukulam, Brahmin boys were given special preferential treatment. They were fed separately. The non-Brahmin boys in the Gurukulam were fed outside. While uppuma was given to Brahmin boys, only gruel was poured to non-Brahmin boys. The son of Omandur Ramasamy Reddiar (former Cheif Minister of Madras Province) told the matters to me with tears. I complained to Mr. Rajagopalachari. When he contacted V.V.S. Iyer, he neither denied the charges not repented. He stoutly refused to give equal treatment to all. He said that he could not do anything as it was an orthodox area. Then I said that I could give the balance amount of Rs. 5,000 only when the Gurukulam was reformed. He got wild. He curtly asked me “are you serving the nation?” I curtly replied, “Is what you are doing nationalism?” This serious matter provoked me to start a party for the non-Brahmins (Tamils).

Even now you can find only Brahmins preparing food at Congress congregations. Even in those days, we engaged the Virudunagar Nadars to prepare food at the Justice Party conferences and the self-respect conferences.

Why do I recollect all these past things? You should know that unless we go on agitating like this, we cannot make the society progressive with equality.

Moreover you should all know that neither Congress nor Gandhi has been responsible for any of the social reforms, we have been able to witness.

Even today, we are the only people of Dravidar Kazhagam who boldly ask why should the lazy Brahmins be considered as highest caste, while the real tillers and toilers are considered as low castes. Why should we have a god that degrades us as Sudras?

Today they have created all safeguards to casteism in the Constitution of India. A Brahmin from somewhere has the boldness to come over here, and speak with temerity, tendering serious warnings. Why? Power is vested in his hands.

Did any one have the guts to question?

We are the only people who are free, frank and fearless.

If we are termed as Sudras by Hinduism, what else can we do but, destroy that Hindu religion? Our Dravidar Kazhagam is not a political organisation. We do not contest elections. We do not seek votes. We are not for ruling power. Others may hesitate to call a spade a spade. Power-seekers may coax the innocent voters. They may hoodwink you for selfish gains. I am not for dragging in Gandhi’s name to dupe you all for getting any post or power. I am not for that disgraceful life.

We have not made public life a profession or business to eke out our livelihood. Think over why? We eat our own food, spend our time, energies to instil in your self-respect.

By 1958 you find that wisdom makes its sway all over the world. But still here we are like barbarians. Our god, religion and sastras do not elevate us from the plight-ful rot. (To be continued).


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