Christian institutions under Brahminic threat V.T. RAJSHEKAR

I am very conscious that I am addressing a highly respected religious order of the Roman Catholic church which is wilting, if not simply withering away, under the impact of Brahminism.

As a Dalit writer and journalist I have been very close to the church. But our experience in the last 30 years of Dalit Voice is the church has not only failed but in many cases it has joined hands with Brahminism.

You may be even annoyed, if not shocked, by such a sweeping statement from a sincere friend of the church. But unfortunately it is true. Hence your invitation to speak on Brahminism to the religious order came as a surprise. This is because many time a lecture is organised quite mechanically: A lecture for the sake of lecture. And all that I say fall on deaf ears.

This is specially so in the case of the Kerala Catholic church. Kerala has its own parallel CBCI and in a recent resolution it defended the hated Hindu caste system and demanded it must continue. Shocking.

The caste system is the other name for Brahminism, which is the real name of Hinduism. When the Kerala Catholic church defends the caste system, it is defending Brahminism, the curse of India.

What is the point in asking me to talk on the defects of Brahminism when your leadership is defending Brahminism?

You have near Cochin a very big Roman Catholic institution which makes a deep study of all the Brahmin scriptures: Vedas, Manusmriti and all such bullshit.

You also have in Bangalore the famous Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, which has a church at the very entrance shaped like a temple, where all these Brahmin scriptures are studied and propagated. I used to be regularly invited to the Dharmaram College and its affiliated Christ College. When they started preferring Brahmin students and supporting Brahmins I told them to stop inviting me.

Church and Christianity brought light to the victims of Brahminism in India. The church liberated the Dalits and the oppressed castes, gave them education, shelter and hope. That is history.

But lately this very church is becoming Brahminised. What a tragedy.

In Bangalore, you have a famous commission which is part of the CBCI itself. It is called NBCLC. At its very entrance there is a temple and a priest distributing prasadam. I was shocked when I visited it 30 years ago and lodged a strong protest. After that they stopped inviting me.

I find a drift towards Brahminism particularly in the Roman Catholic church. Exceptions may be there but Brahminism is the rule.

The Catholic religious order is deep inside the stomach of Brahminism.

This is mainly because Kerala’s Syrian Christians are holding top positions in the Catholic church, and these Syrians think they are Brahmin converts. Syrian domination is there in the protestant churches also. I see remote chances of the Catholic church going against Brahminism. So what is use of your inviting me to speak on Brahminism? It may be of entertainment value. Nothing more. My words may be harsh but they are all verifiable facts of history.

At Kottayam (Kerala), I was invited to visit the headquarters of the Syrian Orthodox Church. At the very entrance to its huge library, I found a large painting which I was told was several hundred years old. Some of you here must have seen it. The painting showed bare-bodied Brahmins displaying their “cross thread” receiving the Bible from the White Western priests.

The Chief Librarian said they were the very first converts to Christianity in Kerala.

I simply listened to him without challenging his version. He said all of them were Namboodiri Brahmins.

The Librarian said the Orthodox Church and all other churches in Kerala were very proud that they were descendants of Namboodiri Brahmins while the fact is they are the most hated lot in Kerala.

It is this tragedy of false claim and false pride of Brahmin ancestry that forced the fishermen converts to Roman Catholic order to break-away and launch a separate Latin Catholic church which today has several Bishops, a Malayalee daily paper and a separate Roman Catholic affiliation with the CBCI.

The Latin Catholics hate the Roman Catholic church. Am I right?

Brahminism has created a big problem within the Catholic church which has a big following from the Dalit, Tribals and Backward Christians.

My words may be harsh. Nevertheless they are the facts of history. How can the church win the hearts of the oppressed when its leadership is Brahminical?

What then is Brahminism? The world has seen two dangerous and deadly, poisonous cults disguising itself as religion. The No.1 is Zionism in the West and No.2 Aryan Brahminism in the East.

Jesus was a Jew. And how this low caste carpenter-cum-shepherd was tormented, tortured and finally killed is known to you better as members of the elite religious order.

It is the Zionist Jews who did their best to destroy the Christian religion.

Christianity is a great liberating religion. It liberated the Indian oppressed SC/ST/BCs. All those Dalits and BCs who became Christians got educated and reached top positions.

The entire North-East India is Christian and these Mangoloid Tribes are a powerful force today.

In the East, Aryan Brahminism came as another dangerous cult.

I have made a deep study of both zionist Jews and the Aryan Brahmins.

I have read a lot and discussed a lot about this subject with Western scholars.

My finding is Brahminism is more dangerous than Zionism. However, both the cults are poisonous and their only aim is war, violence and destruction.

Since we are in India and Christianity came as a saviour for the over 85% victims of Brahminism, we need to go deep into the features of Brahminism, its effects and what should be our response.

I have made a deep study of Brahmins and their Brahminism. Brahmins themselves come to consult me. I have written two books on this subject.

If today India is wilting, withering and facing a slow death it is only because of Brahminism. It is not because of Islam, Christianity, Sikhism or Budhism. All of them are liberating religions.

That Brahminism is a destructive cult is known only to a few “educated” people. The illiterate, village-dwelling masses know this fact too well.

Such is the secrecy surrounding this cult. Even many innocent Brahmins themselves do not know this secret.

Brahmins constitute just about 2.5% of India’s population.

Hindu: Brahmin 2.5%, Kshatriya & Vaishya 1%, Shudras 11.5% - Total 15%.

Moolnivasis: SC 20%, ST 10%, BC 35% - Total 65%

Minorities: Muslims 15%, Christians 2.5%, Sikhs 2.5% - Total 20%

Total : 15% + 65%+20% - 100%

Over 95% of the Indian population has been victims of Brahmins. For centuries. No. Even the Brahmins, particularly the Brahmin women are its worst victims. The problem is they do not know it.

M.K. Gandhi, the chief promoter of Brahminism, was killed only by a Brahmin. Read our book, Why Godse Killed Gandhi? (DSA-1997).

For your information there is no Brahminism without the Brahmin. But unfortunately the Brahmins do not know this.

Kerala’s EMS Namboodiripad was a Brahmin. He propagated marxism to strengthen Brahminism. How do you like it?

M.N. Roy, founder of communism in India, was a Bengali Brahmin. He went into marxism only to strengthen Brahminism. Lenin, the Russian Jew, founder of communism, selected the Bengali Brahmin, the Jewish blood brother, to establish communism in India.

Jews and the “Jews of India” are cousins. I have discussed a lot on this subject during my visit to London, New York, Paris, Tehran etc.

The Indian communist party leadership is Brahminical.

I can go on giving any number of examples to impress that Zionism and Brahminism are twins and today the two are working together. Brahminical India is having the closest connection with zionist Israel — the world’s most hated country.

In Kerala, Muslims, Christians, Dalits, OBCs prefer the Congress Party only because the marxist party is against them. Simple. The marxists in Kerala are not liked by the oppressed castes. In my first book on Brahminism, I have gone deep into its features and in the second book, Weapons to Fight Counter-Revolution, I have listed about 15 weapons to kill Brahminism. The first book is sold out long back. The second is kept outside for sale.

I had to face good lot of punishment for fighting Brahminism to save India and its over 85% victims. I was dismissed from the Indian Express, arrested six times, jailed once in Chandigarh, passport impounded for 20 years. Two attempts on my life. Many more will follow.

But in the process I became closer to the hearts of Dalits, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and all victims of Brahminism.

I am leading a Dalit delegation to Pakistan next month.

The only one section that is not interested in knowing its mental problem is the Brahmins.

Yes. I repeat: it is a mental problem.

There are quite a lot of “poor Brahmins”. I am from a village in coastal Karnataka and I have lived with such “poor Brahmins”. Brahminism itself did not solve their poverty. Their arrogance and false pride does not allow them to see reason.

Periyar E.V. Ramasamy, who is ranked next only to Babasaheb Ambedkar, was once asked by Gandhi: “Is there no good Brahmin”. His answer was: “The only good Brahmin is the dead Brahmin”.

I have not come across one single Brahmin whom I can say is a good Brahmin. Somewhere there is a twist in his brain. The women among them are better. For your information Brahmin woman is not a Brahmin. Only the man is the Brahmin.

I have many Brahmin subscribers to my paper Dalit Voice. Why do they read Dalit voice? They read it to find out what this “bastard” is writing. (laughter).

Dalit Voice has thousands of readers on our website. A majority of them are Brahmins. They keep a watch on DV to study what the enemy thinks of Brahmins and evolve steps to strengthen themselves.

That is why ever since Brahminism came to India, they have not produced a single revolutionary. All the greatest revolutionaries of India are not only non-Brahmin but anti-Brahmin.

Brahminism is a mental problem. Zionism has produced many critics within the Jews. But to this day we do not have one single honest, genuine critic of Brahminism among Brahmins. Brahminism, therefore, is a more serious problem compared to zionism.

Except the North-East India, nowhere Christianity has been able to fight Brahminism.

In the North-East, the church succeeded because the Mongoloid tribals are not Hindu and hence free from Brahminism. Today the North-East people are sought in all parts of India for their honesty, hard work, discipline. Their women are wonderful. Bangalore has thousands of them.

The very fact the church, specially the Roman Catholic, has given up conversion, proves its failure.

The Catholic religious order has declared that it is against conversion. Brahminical outfit like the RSS etc. are also against conversion. That means the Catholic church is singing the RSS song. In other words the Catholics are giving up the deadliest weapon in its hand to fight Brahminism.

However, we have great appreciation for your women in the religious order. I am happy a dozen nuns are sitting here.

They constitute 70% or even more in the total membership of the religious order. But what a tragedy that such an important section is working as slaves of the minority men in the religious order. Very harsh words but true (cheers).

Sorry to say we have no hope in the church.

In all big cities, the church schools and colleges are educating the children of the rich, meaning the upper castes.

That is why in the West the church was swallowed by zionism and in India devoured by the demon of Brahminism. (cheers).

A last word of warning: Church is famous in India for running very good educational institutions. They are the best loved in the country.

Noted for the selfless service, secular education, noble work — though in many parts of India Brahminic outfits attacked even such institutions precisely for doing such a work.

I will tell you one thing: Soon all these Christian educational institutions will face closure. Because upper caste money bags have opened fabulous, expensive schools and colleges for their jatwalas in posh areas charging high fees. The upper caste boys and girls are rushing there. The Brahminical people are using these institutions to preach and strengthen Brahminical values and train their youth against the oppressed 85% Dalit-Bahujans.

The church education sector is in danger.

But we have not came across any church institution expressing alarm. This once again proves where the sympathy of the church leadership lies.

India’s future is bleak. An institution which rendered such great services is not only under attack but will be soon forgotten and fade into history.

Thank you.

Speech delivered at the Indian Social Institute, Bangalore, to a group of Roman Catholic Jesuit priests on April 27, 2010 in Bangalore on Brahminism.


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