Tata questions IISc, a Brahminical agrahara


I met you again after one year. Earlier there was a Dalit student suicide in the Indian Inst. of Science, following a Brahminical mental assault. You said you spoke to our Director but he never took it seriously.

IISc has become a Brahminical agrahara. It gets plenty of funds — both Indian govt., foreign and from other sources. But all those who fund it are also Brahminists and hence don’t question what is happening here.

IISc was founded by the Tatas (Parsis) but taken over by the Govt. of India. Ratan Tata, chief of the house of the Tatas, is now the president of the IISc.

Publicity crazy: His blunt remark on this Brahminical agrahara was a front-page news in the Times of India (Dec.16, 2010) but the IISc bosses are unperturbed. Who can dictate things to the Bhoodevatas?

Ratan Tata was very mild in his criticism of the IISc. He said it was “India’s most prestigious scientific institution” but did hardly anything in this field — except lots and lots of publicity. Who is Tata to question IISc? This is the attitude of its real owners who are having a gala time here.

He said the institute had not changed as much as one would like to see and it should contribute to a new way of life in India — and not just file major number of patents compared to what it did before.

He said that the institute is not doing enough research of greater global relevance. “If I look back on what I have been trying to say in a very polite and in a very careful manner, it has been my perception that this institute, which is a great institute... has not perhaps changed as much as one would like to see... I have mentioned that we should perhaps be looking at greater change, research of greater global relevance and I have used my words carefully” Tata told candidly at this year’s court meeting.

(TOI, Dec.16, 2010)

DV Sept.16, 2007 p. 5: “Brahminical racism in Indian Inst. of Science”.



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