Black American tributes to DV

As regards the Wikipedia entries on Editor V.T. Rajshekhar and Dalit Voice, don’t feel slandered in anyway. Remember Wikipedia content can be changed and updated at anytime by any person. You can tell your own story, clear your name, and advertise the good work of Dalit Voice. Don’t bother about the enemy opinion.
As a Black American, I greatly respect the work of Dalit Voice and V.T. Rajshekhar to liberate your people, the Dalits, the great Black Untouchables of India, and think that your story should not be told in a one-sided and biased manner. Wikipedia has a reputation of being one-sided, with incorrect and just plain wrong information quite often.

Yes, some of your viewpoints may seem “controversial” to people who do not understand, but oppressed people need to have someone to speak out for them. And I think Dalit Voice has shown through history to have made an admirable effort to do just this. I hope you take the opportunity to update the Wikipedia pages and closely monitor it in the future. All you have to do is go to the “Edit” tab at the top of the page to change this Wiki. In solidarity from America. (arjiet@aol.com)


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