Dr. (Ms.) Vandana Shiva’s games of clever saffron bio-diversity blahblah was largely consumed in Kerala by the so called left liberals including many exalites (ex-naxalites) and many of them consider her as the saviour of biodiversity wealth, and she is great self-marketing strategist as shown by the airline stickers on her suitcase that travel around the world, and she seems to be most of the time on the air (and not on earth), and she has become a pet of majority of Western environmentalists through excellent self-PR and talk by her disciples.
I don’t know whether all those exalites who had become her slave disciples are saffronised or still keep the flame of revolution within their mind and body.

Interestingly, she is there on the editorial board of Third World Resurgence, a magazine mainly controlled by Sahabat Alam Malayasia, and founded by a great Muslim environmentalist and human rights activist (Haji Mohammed Idris). And she is in charge of editorial contributions from India, and we have to suspect that she was behind publishing an article in it by Hindu terrorist, Ashok Singhal, about destruction of culture, in which Singhal was identified as a “scholar of National Institute of Advance Studies, Shimla”.

Some innocent people think a Left resurgence and atheist movement can cultivate a secular culture in Kerala. But the Left is not on a path of resurgence but on the highway of decay, and atheist movements are losing their soul due to their illogical positions. The great atheist B. Premanand expressed his wish to pray to god in his death bed.

Fathima Hassan (fathimakollam@rediffmail.com) adds:

Anti-Muslim campaign: Although BJP is not a political force in Kerala, saffronisation has come to stay here. It is escalating through the sangh pracharaks in the mainstream media, building on the polished feudal culture of Kerala, often called “mainstream culture”. I have looked up the net following the mail and found the Trivandrum event that Anup has referred to- the Indian Biodiversity Congress which Dr. Shiva will be chairing. This is being conducted by an organisation set up by ex-ABVP leaders, CISSA. The said congress is well funded by the state and central govts. as well as some of the BJP-ruled states. CISSA is apparently an offshoot of Swadeshi Sastra Prastanam, directly controlled by RSS and their annual swadeshi congress is held with the full cooperation and at govt institutions like KFRI, CESS, Rajiv Gandhi Centre, etc. And the biodiversity interesting that such kind of support is never forthcoming for the Left’s KSSP which is an old and well respected organization, or to the Congress Sasthra Vedi or to the CPIs Progressive Forum. I have no problem with the sangh groups holding such events but why should a “secular govt.” and its agencies sponsor, become active partners in such events? ( Dr. Shiva and her ilks saffron politics has been analysed in the works of Dr. Meera Nanda- published in Malalyalam by Chintha Books).

Kerala’s secular soul is lost: Safronisation in Kerala has received a great boost in recent times with the love jehad harangue, the massive anti-Muslim campaign following the dastardly attack on the professor by a group of wretched criminals and the anti-Dalit campaigns following the Varkala incident. Events like the above congress are used basically to recruit new subscribers to the doctrine of hatred and to expand the sphere of influence of the doctrine. And this is happening in every sphere in Kerala. Take the cultural field. Not only the upper caste writers like Akkiham, Prof. Vishnu Namboodiri, Mrs. Sugathakumari, but other upper caste “intellectuals” are joining the Sangh camp as well. The RSS Bharatiya Vichara Kendram often has guest speakers like Adoor Gopala Krishnan, Dr. M.S. Valyathan, et al. Keralas secular soul has been lost. Only a Left resurgence and an atheist movement can cultivate a secular culture in Kerala.


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