Yoga is a Hindu humbug


Bangalore: Beware of yoga. It is the other word for hinduising (enslaving) the unthinking fellows. No Muslim country has allowed the infiltration of yoga, which is nothing but deep-breathing — but in a closed, congested room.

China is fully aware of the Brahminical poison. Yoga is barred.

Early morning walk: The Brahminical people are actively assisted by the Jews in the West, particularly the USA, to set up yoga centers and gradually poison the Christian mind. The Vatican, the Roman Catholic headquarters, is fully aware of the tricks of the “Jews of India” who are in league with the Jews.
If you want to do deep breathing take a brisk early morning walk (or even run) which helps you take plenty of pure oxygen that will fill your lung. Your Editor does it daily. But if you fall a prey to the yoga guru humbug you will be huddled inside a closed, congested room and you have to inhale the dirty breath of others. It is advertised as a sure cure to reduce your weight. Nonsense. If you want to reduce your weight the best cure is start running and reduce eating. Simple.
Yoga is a big business in India and abroad. Being expensive it brings a huge income to our enemies besides hinduising (enslaving) the non-Hindu.Don’t believe all the cock and


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