Rahul Gandhi must explain how he will “unite rich & poor


Bangalore: In a huge country like India with a population of 1,300 million, the world’s second largest, but ranking 119 in UN Human Development Index, poverty-stricken, illiterate and yet less than 15% upper castes jumping with joy — its rulers are always manufactured, advertised and thrust on the starving billions.

This has been so from the days of Gandhi and Nehru. All the “leaders”, cheered and paraded by the 15% upper castes are thrust on our innocent people in a highly manipulated, rigged elections. All this is common knowledge.


The Brahminists rule India by adopting a superb magic formula:

Keep the people starved, illiterate, superstitious and caste divided.
Such humans reduced to bones and animal level can be easily managed to surrender and serve the Brahminists injecting a heavy dose of their poisonous religion.
Non-Hindu Muslims and Christians are dubbed anti-national and silenced. That is how even a proven terrorist party like the RSS-BJP gets elected.
When this is the enormous commanding capacity of the less than 15% Brahminists, they can make even a donkey as PM and mislead us saying it is the prize-winning Derby horse. The current “Khatri Sick” PM, the hot favourite of the Jews controlling the World Bank, was sent to India at the behest of the Indian Jews who praised and paraded him as a “great scholar” and “noble man”. But this “noble man” can’t get elected even to the lowest panchayat. His own Sikhs in Punjab refused even a Rajya Sabha (Upper House) seat from Punjab. Ever heard of a PM who is not even a Lok Sabha member?

This is India. Brahminists can convert a pig into race horse and race horse into a donkey. They have their own monopoly media to mesmerise the people and their obedient 330 million gods to frighten us.
So, with all these many-sided advantages the Brahminists have been ruling this world’s second largest country — reducing it into a beggar nation — easily manufacturing “leaders”.
The latest “leader” so manufactured is Rahul Gandhi, hand-picked choice of the Brahminists to be imposed on us as PM. But we have no proof of his commitment or even capacity — except the praise of the rulers and their toilet papers.


Why the 15% rulers are interested in Rahul? Will they hoist a leader unless they are fully confirmed that he is committed to their cause? Is there any instance in “independent” Indian history where the rulers committed a mistake on their class-caste vested interests?

We have made a deep study of this ruling upper castes and we have written enough on it. Not a word we have said so far has gone wrong. (Who is Ruling India?, V.T. Rajshekar, DSA-2010, Rs. 30).

Rahul has not merely the support of the “Jews of India” but also their blood brothers, the Jews. Bill Gates, the world’s richest man and an American Jew, met him in his UP constituency and had assured him full support (DV Oct.1, 2010 p.14: “Jews & Jews of India conspiring to instal Rahul Gandhi as PM”). What more does Rahul need to be crowned and installed on Delhi throne?


He said the Congress alone can “unite the rich and the poor”. Fine. Fortunately he is aware there is an “India of the rich which was progressing and that of the poor which was closed. And they had to be bridged” (TOI Nov.3, 2010).


It was the Congress, the original Brahminical party, that was responsible for this division. Gandhi, Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and all other Congress PMs worked to make the rich (read upper castes) more rich and pushed the “lower castes” and religious minorities to their hell hole. How will Rahul unite the two poles and make the wolf and the lamb sleep together? Is it ever possible?


Unlike other countries where we find only “class divide” (rich and poor), India not only has “class” but the more serious caste divide. Class divide can be broken. But never the caste barrier. There is no precedent in Indian history.

A big majority of the SC/ST/BCs (65%) and Muslim/Christian/Sikhs (20%) is poor, deprived — pushed to slavery. The entire 15% of the upper castes (Brahmana/Kshatriya, Vaishya, shudra), the chaturvarna, constitute the ruling class.
Ever since the Aryan/Brahmins stepped into India not only the two have been poles apart but daggers drawn. The animosity between the two is simply increasing day by day.
How will Rahul unite the two poles? Forget, about uniting, has he got any knowledge of the “million mutinees” raging between the two sections? Has he made any study of the caste system?


All the Congress leaders had also given the same assurance to “unite the two” but ended up helping the wolf to eat more and more lambs. The wolf grew fatter but the lambs one by one vanished.
The “Khatri Sick” PM is doing the same. That is why the upper caste rulers are praising him. Parading him.
Are not the same forces, the Jews and the “Jews of India” now grooming Rahul?
It is upto Rahul to disclose his formula to “unite the rich and poor” — the class and caste.
The interests of the two are not only different but extremely antagonistic.
Rahul has the duty to explain before the “million mutinees” consume all of us.


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