“Art of Deceiving” bid to subvert China ?


Bangalore: The Hindu, India’s principal Brahminical daily from Madras, called the “Mount Road Maha Vishnu”, published a picture of a notorious Tamil Brahmin, who has made millions and boosted by his tribe, which controls the entire Indian toilet papers.

The picture published in its issue of Oct.27, 2010 shows “Sri Sri” Ravishankar, the latest craze of the leisured class, opening his “Art of Deceiving” centre in revolutionary Beijing on Oct.25, 2010.

Humbug of yoga: What Ravishankar is made famous for is nothing but the good old Brahminical gimmick called yoga which is essentially a deep-breathing technique — but in a closed room.

Some years back, the swami, who controls a multi-million dollar empire in Bangalore and employs hundreds of his jatwalas, sent a Dalit IT engineer to our office to invite our Editor to one of his “intercourse”. He told the Dalit brother that he would be too glad to come if the swami said that if he was doing anything more than the centuries-old deep-breathing technique, advertised as yoga.
The one who brought the invitation never came back.
Thousands of such swamis are deceiving the rich upper castes who are too willing to be deceived. But the “Art of Deceiving”, much less the yoga, has not so far succeeded in deceiving the Dalits or Muslims.
The latest is the Hindu announcement that the “Art of Deceiving” has reached the capital of revolutionary China. We don’t know how far this report and the picture are to be believed. Because this swami is known for many such false claims which their jatwala media are too willing to advertise.
Our question is how China allowed such counter-revolutionaries to enter Beijing? Both the Jews and the “Jews of India” have declared China as their enemy. To this day none of them could infiltrate into China. Are the Jews and the “Jews of India” trying to subvert the revolutionary China by using their “art of deceiving”?


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