Total failure of India’s foreign policy


Bangalore: During the Nehru days Brahminic rulers had their bogus pro-Soviet policy because the sham socialism helped the rulers to set up massive public sector units, recruit their jatwalas to all top posts and milk the socialist cow for 30 years. Wonderful. Subsequent PMs gradually started becoming closer to the West. But it was P.V. Narasimha Rao, the notorious Telugu Brahmin who tightly embraced his fellow Jewish state of Israel and collaborated in the demolition of Babri Masjid to declare India as a Hindu Rashtra.

Brahminism has no permanent friend. It has only permanent interests. During the World War-II they hugged Hitler (DV Nov.16, 2010 p.28: “Brahminsts supported Hitler”). There was no stopping. America became the motherland of the Bhoodevatas. The “Khatri Sick PM”, the World Bank export, is the principal villain who made India turn into the tail of USA.

Who will believe “Khatri Sick” PM: Today, the same fellow talks of India’s “look East policy”. Who will believe him?

The people get the govt. they deserve. We know it. Their current policy is to keep the 85% Bahujan natives as poor as possible, hence illiterate and unthinking. Then with the help of their monopoly media tell the world that India is shining, jumping, roaring. Once the noise comes out loud and clear the world outside will believe, when the lie is repeated again and again.

But all thinking people in and outside India know this is a beggar country. And that this bunch of belly-bulging pleasure-seekers can never be trusted. The country is crumbling. Corruption is killing. And nothing is working in India.
“Look East policy”: The thinking section among the Brahminists advised the “Khatri Sick” that his foreign policy is failing. And that he must quickly take a right-about-turn. The result is its sham “Look East policy” and his recent rush to all East Asian capitals.
The problem with our “brilliant Brahmins” is they think they alone are smart and brilliant. And the rest are duds. They do not know whatever they touch becomes mud. Who will believe these stupid rulers?
China never trusted India: As this is written India is behaving as the enemy of China at a time when the world’s sole super power, USA, is afraid of it. China for all outward purposes may use some nice words but our information is Beijing fully knows the Brahminists hate China. The proof is Brahminists have not so far started going to China on a holiday.
Keeping the hated Dalai Lama as its honoured guest and encouraging the beef-eating Tibetan toughs to attack Chinese embassy is a clear sign of Brahminist hatred of China.
China has strictly controlled the entry of Jews and also the “Jews of India”. They have all the information about the deadly tentacles of these two world’s most dangerous peoples.
The latest is the failure of India’s Afghan policy. They made heavy investment in Afghanistan, wooed its corrupt president Karzai at a time when the US itself was preparing to pack and get out.
Taliban takeover: Once the Taliban takes over Afghanistan, it will get closer to Pakistan and the immediate effect will be on Kashmir — where the Chinese are waiting.
Nor did India succeed in wooing Obama away from Pakistan. His recent visit gave nothing to our rulers.
Brahminists bungled in Kashmir and brought very bad name to the Brahminists.
Nepal, the world’s only Hindu country, has turned against India. So also Lanka, Burma, Bangladesh. All the countries around India are closer to China than India which they never trust.
Useless Foreign Minister: The “Khatri Sick” has appointed a Foreign Minister who knows nothing except displaying his foreign-made dress and changing it three times a day.
As long as the “Jews of India” are guided by their cousins in America, India can never think of changing its foreign policy. The “Jews of India” hate China, the emerging super power.
Can a country’s internal and external policies be guided by the selfish interests of its less than 15% ruling upper castes — keeping out the interests of over 85% submerged indigenous Indians?


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