Maratha rule shocks Bahujans


Bangalore: Maharashtra Brahmins hate the Marathas. They made a monkey out of Shivaji. And yet they use the massive majority ruling Marathas to ride on the rest of the Bahujans of Maharashtra. This is called the Chanakya’s divide and rule.

Sonia Gandhi sacked Ashok Chavan as CM of Maharashtra and appointed another Maratha, Prithviraj Chauhan. The Maratha strongman of Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar, heading his own breakway Maratha Party, NCP, also sacked the OBC strongman heading the party, Chaggan Bhujbal, and appointed his nephew, Ajit Pawar, as his party chief who became the Dy. CM.
Caste-based politics: Maharashtra means Maratha and vice versa. Since the birth of Maharashtra, Marathas have been ruling it. What about the Dalits, OBCs, Muslims? India’s caste-based politics has no answer to this question.
Maharashtra gave us great revolutionaries: Mahatma Phule (OBC), Dr. Ambedkar (Dalit), the Father of India. But what they said and did are all dead.
Dalit movement in Maharashtra is also dead. The Mahar monopoly drove the other Dalit castes into the arms of Brahminical parties: Shiv Sena, BJP etc.
Bhujbal mistake: Bhujbal is a strong OBC leader but confined to vote politics. Those intoxicated with “vote politics” like Bhujbal cannot understand that the liberation of the oppressed SC/ST/BCs/Muslims is possible only through social and cultural struggle. Not power politics.
Maharashtra Brahmins, led by the Chitpavans, are active in every field. They see to it that no SC/ST/OBC, Muslim leader can come up. They know that Marathas hate Brahmins. But they also know that Marathas hate SC/ST/OBC/Muslim much more. Such a divide and rule policy keeps everybody busy.
The media, education, cinema, commerce and industry — are all concentrated in Bombay — are in the hands of Brahmins and Banias.
Instead of progressing towards an egalitarian path of equal sharing and caring, India is descending down to further consolidation of upper caste rule


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