Bahujans caught in the storm of money-driven society that is killing India

The topic is a very serious one, never discussed in public and never understood by its victims. Because the moment you discuss it, you become unpopular.

For your information the anti-Mandal war and violence during the V.P. Singh Govt. was planned and executed by the Brahminical students in JNU. Some Dalit students were staying with us fearing threat to their lives. The Brahminical students found out our address in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, broke open our flat, ransacked the whole thing and threw leaflets condemning Mandal Report. When we returned late in the night, our neighbours were all laughing and enjoying the “punishment” given to us.

Dalits suffered for OBCs: Delhi then witnessed unprecedented violence. All Dalit students of JNU had to run away to their villages to save their lives.

The Mandal Commission Report was meant for the OBCs but the people who led the agitation and suffered were the Dalits. There is no change in the behaviour of the upper castes — whether elders or its youth — since then. Among the upper caste women, there may be some exceptions.

But by and large the upper caste Brahminical people, who constitute less than 15% of the country’s population, have not changed. They don’t want to change. Why should they change when they are the rulers?

Their behaviour has been the same ever since they came to our India as beggars — thousands of years ago.

Reddy or Khamma rule : Today they are the rulers. And particularly after the so-called “independence”, they are the owners and rulers. And we are the victims of their rulership.

Our statement may shock you. But unfortunately it is the supreme truth. We have written about it, spoken about it hundreds of times. None has challenged it so far.

Take the case of AP. It is either the Reddy rule or the Khamma rule. It is the case in all the states of India.

As the Editor of Dalit Voice, the oldest and the largest circulated journal of the Bahujan Samaj, now 30-years-old, we are in touch with all the states and frequently tour the country. We are in touch with our people of the whole country.

Mayawati rule: This is our third visit to this university (Hyderabad Central University). There is no state in India which is ruled by the Bahujan Samaj.

You may ask: What about UP under Mayawati? Sorry, UP also is under the control of Brahminical people. Only the CM is a Dalit.

Brahmins may be 2 or 2.5% but the other three layers of the Brahminical society, comprising Kshatriya, Vaishya and shudra put together become 15%. And these sections control all the wealth, monopoly of English language, control all the Hindu gods and their wealth. Even our very thinking is under their control.

And more than that, they have the govt. in their hands, judiciary, education system, industry and commerce.

Fear of Bahujans: And on the top of that the powerful media — that can convert the day into night and vice-versa.

This (15%) ruling class is fully aware of the dangers of the voting power of the Bahujans (85%) and the possibility of the over-whelming Bahujans capturing the political power and becoming the rulers.

Thinking sections among the Brahminists do not even get sound sleep in the night.

Fearing such a possibility, this Brahminical ruling class earlier experimented with their favourite philosophy of manuwadi marxism.

In AP, all the top marxist leaders were Khammas or Reddis. Even the Naxalite, Maoist leadership was in the hands of Brahmins, Reddis and Khammas.

In W. Bengal, the three upper castes — Brahmins, Baidyas and Kayasths — have been having an uninterrupted rule — all marxists. In the other “marxist state” of India, namely Kerala, it is again the same upper castes, Brahmins, Nairs who rule.

In the Naxalite or Maoist movement also, it is the same upper caste Brahmins and others who are holding the leadership.

Gaddar’s worry: But those who carry the gun, fight the police and die are our people — the SC/ST/BCs.

Gaddar is the lone Dalit in the maoist movement but he was shot twice and silenced. If he opens his mouth against the upper caste control of the Maoist movement, he will be shot dead. He knows it. The poor man is deeply worried.

His only job is to sing and dance — and entertain the people, gather the crowd and brainwash them about the maoist movement.

Gaddar is an Ambedkarite and our close friend. But he is helpless. Poor man, we pity him.

The Brahminical control of the Maoist movement is total. But those who die in the police bullets are our people.This is a serious problem.

Corporates financing Mao: A powerful section of the upper castes, including big corporate houses are financing and supporting the Maoist movement. How the upper castes (rich) are supporting Maoists? Because they know the Bahujan movement, inspired by the thoughts of Babasaheb Ambedkar, Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy, Mahatma Phule etc., will turn the 85% Bahujans against the 15% upper caste exploiters.

That is why they are financing, advertising and doing everything to promote the Maoists. But at the same time confining them to rural areas.

On one side the Maoist movement has taken control of the entire eastern part of India — covered by dense forests. The Maoists are strictly ordered to confine themselves to rural areas.

Hindu terrorists: On another side the Hindu terrorist organisations like the RSS and the more powerful Abhinav Bharat, fully supported by the zionist Israel, are attacking Muslims, Christians and Sikhs.

The Maoists operate in villages and Hindu terrorists operate in cities.

But the govt. is not taking any action against either the Maoists or the RSS-Abhinav Bharat leadership — because both are controlled by the 15% ruling Brahminists.

Caught in the cross fire of these two Brahminical counter-revolutionary movements, fully supported by India’s Brahminical toilet papers and our super-rich corporate houses, the country’s Bahujans (85%) have become helpless, totally impoverished, completely confused.

Rulers hate Truth: This is the prevailing situation today, though no media will speak out the truth. Because speaking out the truth is not in the interest of the micro-minority upper caste ruling class.

What we have said so far sums up the boiling cauldron to which the ruling class of India has pushed the 85% slaves of India.

Jews support Brahmins: For your information the ruling Brahminical people are receiving all their inspiration, support and the tools to tackle the situation from the Jews who control America and the West.

The entire American system, the sole super power of the world, is controlled by its 2% Jews. Barack Obama is a just a slave in the hands of the Jews.

And here, we are controlled by its 2% “Jews of India”.

Both are blood brothers and well-known for their destructive capacity.

In spite all these advantages the ruling class in India is in a terrible dilemma. All its trump cards have failed.

Hinduism & Gandhism are same: Their “Hindu Dharma” is buried deep under mountains of corruption. To this day they could not build their “Ram temple”. (cheers) Their Karnataka Govt. controlled by the BJP (Brahmana Jati Party) is buying MLAs paying Rs. 50 to 70 crores.

The “Hindu dharma” has become the other word for corruption. Their own party of BJP was defeated in Delhi.

Marxism has failed to attract the poverty-stricken SC/ST/BC and Muslims.

Their gandhism has proved to be nothing but the other side of the Hindu dharma. Both are bogus.

So all the three varieties of experiments which the Brahminists have tried: (1) Hindu Dharma, (2) marxism and (3) gandhism — have failed to attract the Bahujan majority.

That is how the micro minority 15% upper caste rulers are facing such a serious dilemma. Because anything and everything they touch is becoming mud. The rulers are getting extremely worried.

Jews offer magic formula: And at this critical juncture, their blood brother Jews ruling the Western world have come out with a magic solution.

This magic mantra which the Jews tried in America and Europe has achieved considerable success. What is this magic mantra? It is called “money-driven society”.

This is the subject of our talk today.

What we were told by our elders, our saints, savants, seers like Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule, Guru Ravidas, Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy, Sri Narayana Guru etc. was to adopt a value-driven society — based on the principles of justice, truth, compassion, kindness to animals, birds, nature, respect for women and all other weaker sections.

Worship of the rich: We were told to respect the aged, elders, sick and the deprived sections.

Today, the entire process has been reversed — thrown out. It is replaced by the money-driven society.

Every month the newspapers will publish on its front page a list of the country’s “richest people”.

The Ambanis head the list.

Mukesh Ambani’s palatial house, the tallest in Bombay, is pictured on the front pages.

He is praised, paraded and every management course (MBA) student is told to emulate him. Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, a Jew, is called our model.

We are also told by our father, mother, teacher, neighbour, relative to make money. Because money brings fame, name, respect, authority. Yes. This is true also.

Ambanis have become our model. Narayana Murthy of Bangalore is another model. Every rich man becomes the leader of the society.

Political leaders are ridiculed. The upper castes are made to hate politicians because being a minority they never get elected.

Humanities dept. closed: So much so all university departments teaching “humanities” subjects are attracting no students. Teachers and even professors have lost respect. If an IAS or IPS officer is honest and doesn’t take bribe, even his wife and in-laws will say he is a useless fellow.

If you have a big car, that too foreign-made, you will be called an important man.

You command respect if you live in a posh bungalow.

If you go to the Tirupati temple and offer Rs. 100 crores, that will come on the front page.

Nobody will ask you from where you got the money.

India’s rank in corruption: When money brings you respect— not your educational qualifications, academic achievements or intellectual capacity — you feel frustrated and naturally you will be forced to turn to make money.

Making money is the easiest thing. Because in India our whole socio-economic system itself is corrupt. India ranks very high in corruption.

Our judiciary is top to bottom corrupt. So too the politicians, businessmen, education system. Even our Defence forces.

Media is the worst corrupt. Times of India is the leader in this field.

Our Hindu religious leaders are swimming in corruption.

As a newspaperman for the past about 55 years, I have not found a single field which is not corrupt.

Money corruption leads to intellectual corruption.

I have written a book, India’s Intellectual Desert, (DSA-1999, Rs. 50) in which I have explained this in detail.

Our university libraries are closing down because nobody goes there. Reading habit itself is dead under this money-driven society which has encouraged luxury, eating, drinking, pleasure-seeking and all unethical behaviour. In Bangalore, there is a big demand for night life.

Death of social science: Cinema is promoting such a money-driven culture.

Our education system with its emphasis on “business management” is killing all our values.

There is no demand for subjects like literature, sociology, history, humanities. If such important subjects like humanities are neglected how can we produce policy-makers? In US, UK and Europe humanity subjects are very popular. But the Brahminical India has killed the humanities. Killing humanities means killing the human being itself. (cheers)

The rush is only to such depts. like medicine, management, IT, engineering, corporate law, fashion designing etc.

Only such courses that help you make money.

Harshad Mehta glorified: And making money is the easiest: if you don’t speak the truth and work against justice and universal truth, you can make any amount of money.

And the moment you make money, you command respect and your picture hits the front page of the Times of India.

You can take it from me that nothing will happen to Modi, the Marwari Bania involved in the IPL cricket scandal.

When the notorious Gujarati Bania, Harshad Mehta, caused a crash of 2-3 banks, the Economic Times appointed him as special adviser and published his articles on the front page. (cheers)

Pigs club: All these rogues and rascals, who have made money through illegal means are parading as Rotary Club, Lions Club, Pigs and Donkeys club presidents.

Money-driven society has brought a big boom to Hindu temples. Such a money-driven society is helping the Brahminical temples.

Hinduism promotes corruption: All these neo-rich rascals are running to temples for whom the temple authorities are holding special pujas, giving special blessings of the god and the devotees are paying money to the pujaris in lakhs and crores.

See how the Hindu religion is promoting corruption.

Brahmin temples are growing richer. Corruption is helping the bhoodevatas to grow rich.
Tirupati temple does not know what to do with its enormous funds.

But the country is not growing, the oppressed Bahujans are further squeezed in this mad rush of the money-driven society.

Agriculture devastated: Agriculture is devastated. Nobody is growing food crops. Attention is diverted to cash crops.

Food crisis is becoming a very serious problem. Newspapers and journals sticking to value-driven society are collapsing. Dalit Voice is a victim of this new society.

Universities are re-fashioning themselves.

Kapil Sibal, the Brahmin Union Minister for HRD, is promoting the money-driven society by inviting Western universities to India. That means Indian universities are killed.

In the process, the already rich have grown enormously rich. The poor, meaning the SC/ST/BCs and Muslims have become more poor.

World’s most corrupt country: Nature and ecology are devastated. Women are the worst affected by the onslaughts of this society.

India is already hailed as the world’s most corrupt country.

United Nations has given the 160th place to India. While China ranks No.2

Every section of the society is corrupted in this storm of the money-driven society.

Kalmadi scandal: Already, India has reached the saturation point as you have recently witnessed in the Kalmadi-scandal in the Commonwealth Games.

Nothing will happen to Kalmadi because he is fully protected by the ruling Brahminists.

Except the Opposition political parties, no Brahminist “intellectual” has so far criticised Kalmadi.

Karnataka’s BJP Govt. has crossed all limits of corruption. But no Brahminist intellectual has criticised it.

Stock exchange as temple: All Brahminists are supporters of this money-driven society. The stock exchange is their new temple.

So much so big cities have become bigger and unliveable.

Bombay has become one big slum. Calcutta died 20 years back. Madras became a slum long back. Bangalore is dying fast. Delhi is chaotic.
Only Hyderabad is somewhat untouched because 20% of its population is Muslim.

The country itself is facing very difficult times caught in this chaos created by the money-driven society.

Micro Finance menace: You must have heard of the micro-finance menace created in AP. These sharks led by the Vikram Akulas etc. after finishing the urban poor, are now after the blood of poor women, living in villages.

The govt. itself winked at it. But when their blood-sucking game reached intolerable limits, the govt. and the police had to step in. Many top people will be arrested.

Bangalore’s Narayana Murthy has diverted his money to SKS Micro Finance.

Blood sucking: From this you can make out that blood-sucking is reaching critical stages. Big sharks are out to squeeze us.

Yet our people are not getting angry. This is because of the Brahminical religion which injected the poison of ahimsa into our veins.

Every Hindu god is fully armed: arrow, gadha, chakra, talwar, chakra, etc. (cheers)

Yet they call Hinduism as the world’s only religion of non-violence. Bullshit. (cheers)

On one side our people are deliberately kept poor and hungry. And on the top of that they are given this Hindu injection to remain peaceful. Ahimsa.

If ever by chance they turn violent, the Brahminical rulers have one of the biggest standing armies, over a dozen para-military forces, police etc. to violently deal with us.

Non-violence for us but violence for rulers. (cheers)

But all this will not last long. Anarchy is setting in. Things are collapsing.

Karnataka has proved that undemocratic, if not anti-democratic, Hindu rule will destroy democracy itself in India.

International developments: In the midst of such a gloomy atmosphere, the only silver lining is the grave developments at the international level which will destroy the Brahminical money-driven society.

Both the Jews and the “Jews of India” are nearing the end of their rule.

So we have hope more in the developments outside India.

And some hope in the oppressed Bahujans losing patience and hitting back.

The subject I have dealt with is a very serious one and also very complicated which cannot be compressed within the time-limit given to me. Yet I have done by level best.

[Speech delivered at the Hyderabad Central University on Oct.26, 2010]


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