Sikh leader fears defeat for Brahminism if India confronts China


Will there be another confrontation between the Brahminical democracy and China, even after its big defeat under Nehru in 1962.

Under the Brahmins-Hindus (4+11% of the total population of over 1.2 billion) military might is at least 10 times bigger than the Nehru regime.

Indeed it was the worst defeat. The Nehru fiasco took the toll of J.L. Nehru himself in 1964.

Sikh factor: One should not forget and ignore the Sikh factor – the daylight robbery of the divided Sikh nation of Punjab. This Sikh factor appeared when the captain of the Western Command headquarters abandoned his ship before its sinking. This captain was a Kashmiri Brahmin, Lt. Gen. Raina, who was replaced by a Sikh as the chief of the Western Command. In this China fiasco, these were the Sikhs, by and large, who fought with the Chinese soldiers fist to fist in the mountainous region despite their being well prepared and equipped. (Sekhon, Soverignty to Slavery).

Suspicious of Sikhs: The Sikh factor will become a severe headache for the Indian democracy of the Brahmins-Hindus. Have they got the courage to confront China. The Brahmins-Hindus are not only afraid but suspicious of the Sikhs because they are Sikhs and they are law-less people and dangerous to the law-abiding Brahmins-Hindus.

There will be other headaches also. The people of the internationally disputed areas of Kashmir have been suffering for over 63 years. There are other suffers like non-Brahmin minorities of Assam, 7 sisters of Assam, Manipur, Christians, Dalits, Adivasis/Moolnivasis etc.

No Muslim in Army: The armed forces problems are further complicated by insulting the initiated/amritdhari Sikhs not letting the Sikhs beyond the rank of a Major and a full stop in commissioning the Muslims in the armed forces or not giving commission to any Muslim etc. The armed forces chronically lack the leadership. The chief(s) of army have been involved in the cases of real estate irregularity and mistrust along with more than 12% vacancies at the commissioned ranks and there has been problems in the enrolment at the non-commissioned and junior commissioned ranks.

The turbaned Brahmins-Hindus in the Sikh identity have deliberately disturbed the education of the Sikh children in the landless Sikh nation, Punjab. Do the Brahmins-Hindus have the courage to face China? I have the doubt.

Should there be a confrontation, it would be favourable to the non-Brahmin-Hindus. Such a confrontation may wipe out the dreams of the Brahmins-Hindus and their “Indian democracy”.


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