Another war with China will inflict more disastrous defeat

Look at the empty arrogance, insolence, false pride, craze to dominate, throwing its weight around without any proof of strength of character or integrity of the Brahminic rulers of India — who have already become the laughing stock of the world in the Commonwealth Games holocaust. Will this lead to a second but more disastrous confrontation with the rising super power China? (DV Oct.1, 2010: “Will Kashmir lead to war with China”?).

The proof of this is China is loved by all its neighbours but India is hated by all including the Hindu Nepal.

Kashmir Intifada: The “Khatri Sick” PM’s team sent to Kashmir met with just one voice: Azadi which they celebrated with the bloodiest yet violence in two decades of uprisings against the Brahminic rule. The Economist called it India’s Intifada.

Not even two centuries back the entire Kashmir was pure Brahmin. There was an en bloc revolt against Brahminism and the entire Kashmir became Muslim and the Enemy No.1 of Brahminism.

This enemy included the “Father of Pakistan”, Poet Allama Iqbal, a Kashmiri Brahmin.

In 1962 — 36 years ago — the same rulers led by the then Kashmiri Brahmin PM, Jawaharlal Nehru, displayed the usual Brahminic arrogance and suffered a bloody nose at the hands of China. And died.

Brahminism has never given us peace in this subcontinent ever since the beggars set foot on this ancient land.

Neville Maxwel and Lt.-Gen. Henderson Brooks, a British officer, have all written how “the Indian soldiers were ordered to challenge the Chinese in a military confrontation which it could only lose”. (Times of India, Sept.19, 2009).

World War-III: We are deeply worried that a second confrontation may involve not only Pakistan but also China which in turn may draw USA. That means the World War-III.

A PM, who can’t manage a games field and became a laughing stock of the world, now wants to drag India into a World War-III. A mouse trying to fell a mountain. (DV Oct.1, 2010 p.15: “Khatri Sick” as India’s worst & weakest PM”).

Why China is loved not only by all its neighbours but also India’s neighbours: Pakistan, Lanka, Burma, Bangladesh, Nepal? Why it doesn’t occur to the pig-headed Brahminists that China, our largest and the world’s second most powerful country, should be also our stable and peaceful neighbour? Why the Brahminist mad dog wants to bite every country around us? The US itself is afraid of China. Who will bother about India which can’t manage a simple playing field?

Internal weakness: Already India has become one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 70% of its people are hand to mouth. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs — the three powerful religionists forming 20% of the population, have been permanently wounded.

Another war with China and Pakistan will not only be a nuclear war but killing millions of our starving Bahujans and the fighting jawans. India will be devastated.

Just to satisfy the arrogance of the Brahminic bully — a micro-minority of 2% — can we choose to challenge China? If the empty-headed Brahminists want India to become a regional power, they must make India internally strong. With over 85% of the population on starvation diet, and the rulers totally corrupt, with every wing of the society collapsing, what will happen if it goes to challenge the rising super power China?

Our information is the Brahminic middlemen for American arms dealers are being pushed by the 2% Jews controlling the US. They are forcing the Indian rulers for a war via Kashmir.

Jews itching for war on Israel: The Jews are itching for a war with Iran to save their heart throb, Israel. This will be possible only if they drag USA also. The “Jews of India” are too willing to wage a war over Kashmir which will instantly put India face to face with China. Are the grass-eating chaddi chores ready to face the nuclear-armed Pakistan on one side and super power China on the other?

Taliban, which once defeated the super power Soviet Union in Afghanistan, has already defeated US which is packing out.

War with Iran: The “Jews of India” believe that the ruling Jews of America will keep USA close to India. But the first love of Jews is Israel and not India. To keep Israel safe and secure it is provoking a war with Iran. If Iran is touched it will instantly draw China and Russia. That means World War-III.

If such a conflagration takes place, Taliban under the influence of the Pakistani ISI will simply take over Afghanistan. This will affect Kashmir where the current angry Intifada has turned against India.

Foreign ruler coming: Poor, suffering India is being unnecessarily dragged into a war in which it can never win.

India was once ruled by Britain. Earlier by Muslims. Within 60 years of the so-called independence, will India be occupied by a foreign ruler?


World Black gathering in Senegal

To the readers of Dalit Voice, it gives me great pleasure to announce a historic gathering of the Black peoples of the world in Dakar, Senegal, in Dec. 2010. This is part of the World Black Arts Festival to be held in this West African nation. Our conference, one of seven to be convened at the gathering, will have a special focus on the Ancient African Diaspora.

I am happy to announce that one of the major presenters is Dalit Voice Editor, V.T. Rajshekar of India. For the African people, it is important to note that our history did not begin with invasion, defeat, colonization and enslavement. We have an ancient history, a great history.

Humanity originated in Africa: Modern humanity began in Africa. Over 100,000 years ago that humanity began to filter out of Africa. Asia was their first destination. These Africans did not arrive in Asia as destitute and penniless. They came as the first people. They introduced human culture to Asia. Of the places in Asia these Blacks had their largest influence, Pakistan and India were among the most important. They made up the tribal people of India, the first people of India.

They help build the Indus Valley Civilization, where people domesticated rice and invented the windmill and advanced agriculture, and had a peaceful civilization built on trade and commerce.

This was before untouchability and the subjugation of our people.

At Senegal, there will be representatives from other parts of the Ancient African Diaspora: Aboriginal Australia, West Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific. There will be presenters focusing on Blacks in early Europe and Africans in America before Columbus.

Why is such a gathering important? We say that what you do for yourself depends on what you think of yourself, that what you think of yourself depends on what you know of yourself, and what you know of yourself depends on what you have been told.

At this conference we want the Blacks to speak for themselves. We want authentic voices to tell the story of our people.India is one on the most important parts of the Black World. It has a Black population of over 300 million, including the Dalits and Tribals. V.T. Rajshekar is more than capable of telling their story. We are honored to have him among us.

(DV Oct.1, 2010 p.18: “VTR to be star attraction at African world conference”)


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