Research on DV Editor’s works

Prof.Grishma M. Khobragade Asst.Prof., English DEPT., Birla College, Kalyan, Dist:-Thane- 421301

My research topic has been accepted and approved by Nagpur University for registration for Ph.D. degree in the discipline of English under the Faculty of Arts.

The topic of research is “Resistance to Caste Hegemony and Caste Apartheid in the selected Prose Writings of V.T.Rajshekar”, under the supervision of Dr.M.S.Wankhede, Associate Prof, DNC, Nagpur.

A few months back I met the Editor at Bombay University, Fort, on the occasion of an international conference organized by BSP leader Suresh Mane. I expressed my interest in your contribution in Ambedkarite Movement and literature. I gave you the synopsis about the area of research leading to Ph.D. degree.

Please publish my appeal on my proposed research area so that readers who have a certain sound information in this particular topic may come foreword to help me or recommend some sources or references. I would like to take up a study with serious and standard way. I will try to attempt the best and hope I can do something “pay back” to society by taking a road not taken by others or taken by a few.

(email: khobragade.grishma@yahoo.com, Mobile- 098695 30720)



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