Secret of India’s poverty


Bangalore: India will not be able to solve its “problem of poverty” even after 50 years of MDG plan. This is the verdict of the United Nations.

But it did not say why.

We have the answer: The people of India are not governed by a govt. There is nothing like a govt. here. The country is governed by a ruling class — comprising its 15% upper castes. We have said it time and again.

India deliberately kept sick: As long as we keep this 15% upper castes as rulers, India will not only be poor and starving but — rotten, corrupt, chaotic and permanently sick.

The rulers want it like that. They are keeping the over 85% of the population, comprising SC/ST/BCs (65%) plus Muslim, Christian, Sikhs (20%) — total 85% deliberately sick and starving — so that they don’t think.

And more than that they will not be able to identify the exploiters.

Hundreds of times we have said it.

Hence it is all a repetition.

Who is ruling India: In our book, Who is Ruling India? And How? (DSA-2010) we have said all this.

But what is the use of our book? English is known to only 3% of Indians of which 90% are Brahmins.

The country is collapsing — very fast.

The over-fed, arrogant rulers with a closed mind, fully guided by the Jews in the West, are preparing for a war with Pakistan which will directly put India against China.

That means India will get further impoverished and lakhs of our people will die in the war. Who cares?

UN indicts India

New Delhi: India will take over 50 years to halve its number of starving people due to low budget allocation for agriculture and rising food prices, a global report has said.

“India cannot halve its number of people starving until 2083, nearly 70 years after the Millennium Development goals target date”, a report called “Who’s Really Fighting Hunger?” said. Around a quarter of the world’s population, who are deprived of food live in India and 43% of all children in the country under the age of five are malnourished, the study prepared by London-based organisation ActionAid says.

Perception income

While India’s per capita income tripled between 1990 and 2005, the number of hungry people also increased by 53 million bringing the total number of chronically hungry people in India to a staggering 270 million, it says.

According to a score-card mentioned in the documents, out of 28 nations ranked in the report, India got a dismal 21st rank while Brazil and China came first and second respectively. (Deccan Herald, Sept.19, 2010).


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