Kalmadis create a Rs. 60,000-crore “national shame” to further enslave Bahujans

Will the Rs. 60,000-crore fraud together with the worst “national shame” brought upon India by the crimes of the Karnataka Brahmin Kalmadi bring shock to his jatwalas and force them to change? Will the global rating agencies criticising the Delhi CWG and doubting India’s ability bring shame on our Brahminist rulers? Sorry. No. Never.

The point is this “nation” does not belong to the Kalmadis. How then they will be ashamed ?

You can’t think of it. Daily we read and hear scores of Brahminical intellectuals freely criticising this and that. To this today we have not heard or read even a single “shocked” Brahminical intellectual criticising Kalmadi. Bangalore’s Big Brahmin Narayana Murthy is totally silent.

The CWG might have brought a “national shame” but the 15% Brahminical rulers are not part of this “nation”. They belong to a separate nation.

Determined to ruin India: India will forever continue as the land of confusion, chaos, contradictions and continuous caste and creed clashes.

The CWG mess has once for all given the unthinking Bahujans, the owners of India, the final proof that the alien Brahminical class is determined to ruin, starve, enslave, pauperise and then destroy this country. That means they will never, ever be ashamed by the CWG mess.

There will be more and bigger CWGs. Wait and see.

Why India always fails: The whole world, is simply shocked at the way the Govt. of India handled the CWG. They are asking why India always fails. Always last in everything but always first in boasting.

But India’s ruling class (15%) is neither shocked nor ashamed over the CWG. If it gets an opportunity it will create a bigger and costlier scandal and drag India down. The Kalmadis don’t care for India. Because they don’t belong to India.

The worst culprits are India’s “intellectuals”. They are good at giving suggestions, holding seminars, followed by cocktail parties. And the Brahminical media is ready to publish their speeches along with their pictures. And we the bloody fools read it and admire these Kalmadis.

In China, by this time such criminals like the Kalmadis would have been arrested and straightaway put to firing squad. But our corrupt Kalmadis are given Padma Bhushan awards. This is called the Hindu value system.

Hindu psyche: The quintessence of the Hindu value system is to block India’s progress. This is its unique psyche.

We have analysed the Hindu trait in many of our writings in DV, our books and speeches but our DV family members do not take it seriously and act upon it. They can’t even understand what we write. What then is the use of writing or speaking?

Our very thinking capacity killed: On one side Brahminism has killed the very Bahujan thinking capacity. When you are so impoverished, deeply worried how can you think of finer aspects of life?

The Bahujans silence — total — gives a free hand to the Brahminical highway robbers like the Kalmadis to loot and run.

The 2010 CWG will give many, many ideas and create many more Kalmadis to suck our blood. Who is there to hear our heart-burning?

The only motto of Brahminism: Brahminism has already blocked the progress of Bahujans and the Bahujan Bharat is dying. Blocking our progress is their whole-time pre-occupation. This is the one-point motto of Brahminism. We have said this umpteen times and we have never gone wrong.

How easily and effortlessly Brahminists have enslaved us. A wonder of the world.

The Brahminists say they alone have “brilliant ideas”. You go to any book store, it is full of their books radiating their ideas. But do you know that blocking the progress of India is the foundation on which all their ideas are built? The very Brahmin brain is a storehouse of such building bricks that block the progress of India.

Why they block the progress is because the Bharat belongs to Bahujans and Brahminists (15%) are not part of this Bharat. The Rs. 60,000 crore CWG “national shame” has proved it — if you want any proof. Hundreds of proofs have been cited in DV.

Blocking India’s progress is the unique trait of the Brahminist brain.

What are the traits of this Brahminical brain?

(1) This brain will never, ever criticise the caste system. Because the caste system is the other word for Brahminism.

Only as long as the caste system (the other name for Hinduism or Brahminism) is there, there will be the Kalmadis.

This caste system keeps the Bahujans (85%) as slaves and also keeps the Kalmadis as rulers. How then you can expect the Kalmadis to criticise the caste system?

Have you ever seen any Brahminist intellectual criticising the caste system? Never.

The Brahminists are the worst argumentative Indians but the one most important idea of destruction of the caste system (Hinduism) will never come from their pen or mouth because the caste system is the other name for Brahminism.

Babri Masjid: The caste system helps the Brahmin to keep the SC/ST/BCs as slaves. The caste system helps them to go on demolishing the Babri Masjids and keep the Kashmiris permanently curfew-bound. Why should they kill the goose (caste system) that lays the golden egg?

Divisive creed: Brahminism, which is sold to us by rebranding it as Hinduism, is a divisive creed. It is not a religion. It is a poisonous octopus.

It helps a person to divide the people on the basis of caste, grade them on the ascending order of reverence and descending degree of contempt. A beautiful, permanent, imposing, rock-solid structure is built, on the top of which sits the Kalmadis and enjoy a Rs. 60,000-crore gala dinner. Which Kalmadi is ready to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?

(2) Keep the Bahujans poor, divided and under permanent slavery and servility. The Bahujans are there to keep the city clean. Fishermen are there to fetch fresh fish from the seas, farmers are there to grow food, Chamars are there to prepare them the best of footwear, weavers are there to make fashionable silk, woolen and cotton fabrics. All cheap and yet excellent.

(3) What will happen even if a fraction of them start thinking about their servility? How to make them not to think of their centuries-long slavery? The best way is to keep them dirt poor. Once they are poor they cannot afford education and lack of education will keep them unthinking. Such poor, uneducated, people will be the best servile slaves.

Almost the whole of 85% Bahujan population of India has been converted into servile slaves. How can a servile slave who cannot think, understand what is justice and what is injustice?

“India’s most honest PM”: These 85% of the servile slaves are presided over by the 15% Kalmadis intoxicated by the Rs. 60,000-crore CWG cake today to further strengthen their oppressive machinery. Tomorrow they will manufacture a bigger fraud and cut a still bigger cake.

Our justice system presided over by the Supreme Court is mum because the court is also full of Kalmadis only. The media anyway belongs only to the Kalmadis.

The country’s “most honest PM” has given his consent to the Kalmadi’s highway robbery.

This is how a less than 15% of the upper castes ( Hindu-Brahminists) are managing India with scams and frauds, murders and mayhems — everyday. None to question the Bhoodevatas. (See “REPORTS)


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