Palestine talks fail again


Bangalore: Peace in Palestine cannot be achieved as long as the zionist state of Israel is squeezing the neck of the Arabs to whom Palestine belongs. That is how the latest Obama-brokered “Peace talks” between the two failed.

Mohamoud Abbas, leading the Palestine side, negotiating with Binyamin Netanyahu, Zionist Israeli PM, is a corrupt Arab whom the Palestinians do not trust. As the US, which is hosting the “peace talks”, is controlled by its 2% Jews who love Israel more than Arabs, is headed by the zionist stooge, Obama. What hope can we have in this eye-wash talks which are aimed more at fooling the poor Arabs?

The zionists are forcing Obama to attack Iran to save Israel. If he obliges, it will lead to World War-III.

DV Feb.16, 2009 p.9: “DV proved right on Palestine”.

DV Edit Feb.1, 2009: “Blood thirsty zionists can’t defeat Hamas”.


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