We pity poor Advani


Bangalore: Poor L.K. Advani, the Sindhi Khatri, who did so much and also suffered so much to keep the Bhoodevatas in power, is today the most hated man in the Brahmana Jati Party (BJP). It was he who led the rowdies brigade to destroy the Babri Masjid.

But today there is none with him. The country’s principal Brahmin paper, the Hindu (Sept.26, 2010) says it in the headlined itself: “Advani sidelined in Ram temple issue”.

Gandhi killed: Did not the same Bhoodevatas exploit the Gujarati Bania to the fullest extent and the moment India got “independence” and he helped install a Brahmin as the first PM, he was shot dead by a Brahmin only? (Why Godse Killed Gandhi?, DSA-1997). And his tribe distributed sweets all over India.

We have said this many times. Never pour milk to the serpent. Kill it. The moment you see it. Those who do not listen to this advice will go the Advani way. His own creation, Modi, has also betrayed him.

But will Advani have the courage to go against BJP and fight the serpents? Never


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