Brahminical big bully quarrels with all its neighbours


Bangalore:    Brahminist rulers of India may be inwardly rejoicing that the rising violent Maoist movement and its enthusiastic Maoist supporters in Nepal are both controlled by their jatwalas. The Nepali Maoists may be headed by a beef-eating, scotch-guzzling, equally corrupt and casteist Brahmin Prachanda. (DV Sept.16, 2008 p.7: “Brahminical joy over Prachanda take over of Nepal” & p. 8: “Brahmin Prachanda as great admirer of killer Parashuram”). But the entire Nepal has turned against India but closer to the enemy camp, China.

Prachanda also hates India: India has been virtually controlling Nepal until very recently. The Indian ambassador to Kathmandu was like a “second king”, so powerful. All this is gone, thanks to the overbearing Brahminical bosses of India. If there is one country today which is so much hated in Nepal — “the only Hindu country in the world” — it is the Hindu India, thanks to the “imperialist Brahmins” who have quarrelled with all their neighbours. India today is hated by Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma, Lanka and even the tiny Maldives. India is surrounded by a host of enemies all around — thanks to 65 years of Brahminical rule.

A report in the prestigious Financial Times (July 16, 2010), London, by its Delhi correspondent, James Lamont, says even the Brahmin Prachanda hates the Brahminical India. Maybe Prachanda depends so much on China which alone can fulfil his ambition to rule Nepal.

Chinese weapons: As Prachanda’s Maoists are fully supporting the Indian Brahmin-led Maoists, there are unconfirmed reports that Prachanda has helped procure some Chinese weapons to his Indian comrades to fight the Indian rulers. Today, every neighbour is so chummy with China, in contrast with India whose rulers have the knack to quarrel and even fight with every neighbour.

So much so, India today is totally encircled by many enemies around. But China is so much loved and supported by all its neighbours.

The FT quotes “a retired Indian army general, Ashok Mehta, a Brahmin” saying if China controls the Himalayan height of Nepal”, it would have no need of a nuclear arsenal trained on India.

But India’s rulers are not bothered about what happens to India. Because they don’t belong to India, hence they don’t love India. This is the secret.

Why India is hated: India’s Brahmin PM Nehru provoked a war with China and at least 1 lakh Indian soldiers died (1962) but not 1 Chinese soldier was killed. But the rulers were not at all perturbed. They will be worried only if their jatwalas are killed. All those who died in the Himalayan holocaust were our people (SC/ST/BCs Muslims/Sikhs/Christians).

The Brahminical logic is that all these fellows died because they were destined to die. They fought for their motherland and died. As India is not their motherland, they are not expected to die and hence they are not bothered about what happens to India. This is the great Brahminical logic.

Please note: If there is a war tomorrow with the nuclear Pakistan, the rulers will not bothered because those who die will not be their people. It is this hate-mongering policy of the Brahminists that has made India hated by all its neighbours.

Every country around India is so close to China. That means China is virtually lording over the whole of South Asia, says FT. Lanka hates India despite being Budhist country, but loves China.

Lanka is anti-India: Brahmins stationed a notorious Brahmin, Raman Iyer, formerly of the RAW, at Madras to direct its operations in Lanka. It gave every aid, including army to fight the Lankan Tigers and finish them. Once their job is over Lanka turned against India refusing to oblige the Brahminical big bully. Today, China gives full military and financial aid to Lanka. It is building roads, airports and a massive sea-port at Hambantota, on the South of the island.

China, however, does not trust the Brahmin Prachanda but using him to give sleepless nights to the big bully. But this bully is not bothered as long as the Indian Maoists confine themselves to rural areas where their jatwalas don’t stay. But once it attacks cities, the abode of the bullies, the big Bully may order the army to strike.

Meanwhile, the big bully is deeply worried about its shrunken influence even on its neighbours. Its international ally, the Jews, are losing. But China, its no.1 enemy, is rising.

The big bully is suffering from an acute stomach-ache but there
is no medicine.


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