Whole of Hindu India will go BIMARU ?


Bangalore: The “Hindu heartland” also called the cowbelt is the fertile Gangetic plain where the invading Aryans came first and settled down. And launched their looting spree and the drive to devastate the innocent but hard-working natives.

This area, called North India, houses the capital of the country, Delhi, and comprises the most stinking part of the country — despite housing the “holiest” centres for the Hindus.

A demographer called Ashish Bose, a Bengali upper caste Kayasth (Hindu), rightly coined a word to describe the different areas comprising this cowbelt: BIMARU states. BIMARU in Hindi means sickness — though the letters in this word stands for the six states comprising the cowbelt: Bihar, MP, Rajasthan and UP. Some more states are since carved out of these four.

Ashish Bose, a professor of Delhi University, now 80, has written a book, Head Count (Memoirs of a Demographer), Penguin. Rs. 450, pp.214.

Indian population has reached 1,300 million though official figure is put 1.18 billion in 2009. Like everything else, no official estimate in India is correct.

Our rulers are first-class bluffers and laziest buggers. They can’t do one work perfectly and honestly.

The man who coined the BIMARU was, however, did not say why these states are permanently bimaru and when they will get over the bimaru. But Dalit Voice has the answer.

These are the states where Brahminism, the reigning religion of the rulers, is having its dance of death. That is how the Brahmana Jati Party is controlling this area. Brahminism is a deadly disease, both mental and physical, which will not allow a person to think. That is how the cowbelt is the country’s cancer.

Here lies the country’s “holiest” river Ganga, flowing with stinking gutter water, on the banks of which is located the Hindu’s “holiest temple”, Kashi, a veritable hell on earth.

The BIMARU states are a liability for India. The Southern States which include Maharashtra, have escaped this BIMARU because, they are outside the cowbelt. That is how these five states have become the country’s most advanced states. Out of the country’s six metropolitan cities (Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Madras, Hyderabad) four are situated outside the cowbelt. Only Delhi, also the capital of India, is in the cowbelt. Even Calcutta is outside — though it is a dead city.

Specialists on the BIMARU disease killing the cowbelt states, like Ashish Bose say they are incurable. Already the whole area is in ICU.

This BIMARU is also contagious. Even the cities outside the BIMARU have started dying. That means the Brahminical BIMARU is spreading fast. Will the whole of Hindu India go BIMARU ?
Turkey at last heeds DV warning


Bangalore: DV has been for over a decade pressing Turkey to quit the company of West, stop knocking the doors of the “Christian club” that is Europe and throw its lot with its natural Islamic partners in the East. So, naturally when Israel and its Western friends turned against Turkey following the brutal zionist military attack on the Turkish peace flotilla on the Mediterranean waters, we were the happiest. Turkey has finally embraced East and jumped on the fast-rising forces of Islam. This is a big news. But one warning: Turkey must keep off Western (read zionist) campaign to put it against Iran. Together, they can do a lot to kill the Bit Satan. When Turkey criticised the zionist Israel for killing its nationals in the peace flotilla the entire West led by USA started barking at its best Muslim friend that is Turkey. So it is the West and its pet dog, Israel, that will be the cause of Turkey’s tilt towards East. This is a major development in history. Israel and its guardian USA have lost their most valued friend in Turkey. US will lose many more as long as it goes on protecting the criminal zionists. US loss of Turkey’s friendship is the biggest gain for East and Islam. But the West has already started giving pinpricks by instigating the Khurds against Turkey. But this will not last long.With its utter defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq rising up again, the fall of US has begun.

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K.T. Kishan (A Brahmin-turned Christian) in USA (via email): I remember my childhood in my village. Dalits were indeed ill-treated. I remember an incident when a huge fire engulfed all the huts where your people lived. No one came to help any of them. This was in early 60s. I left India in 70 and I do not know what is happening now. Don’t you think things have changed now? You have every right to protest and your people have special quotas in education and job market. I may be mistaken. You may disagree with me. I cannot dwell in the negative thoughts. If DV closes, so be it. You or your people will never going to be closed. I trust in god and if one door closes he always opens another door. I am not trying to be philosophical and for me it is true and I have experienced in the past and hope to experience even more. Failures are part of life and these experiences are learning tools. Please do not give up your talent, your passion, your love and your hope for the people. Have you heard anything about Holocaust? Muslim world does not believe that some thing happened. I visited Israel and toured the holocaust museum. It was gut wrenching experience I could not imagine people of that calibre existed not too long ago. My point is there are bad things everywhere, many are worse than what we see. India stands 134 in ranking, so what? People think America will soon go down economically and no longer would be super power. Does that mean I need to stop what I am doing and start worrying? You think there is a simple solution, we can change just like that? Instead of worrying and ranting about how bad the Brahmins are treating the lower castes I would rather look at myself and see what I can do that makes a difference in this world. Statistics are partly true. Have you thought about the next move beyond DV? I understand your concerns. You may call me Bania, Bohra, blood sucker, leopard, masked etc. It is OK. I am Kishan and I do not have a label Brahmin, Dalit, Christian etc. The message in your letter is exactly how the Brahmins came up with. No Dalit can become Brahmin. One is born to Dalit based on his/her bad karma. Brahmins are pure and are close to god because of their good karma. It is up to you to believe in such messages. I do not pretend to be a Christian, I question many theological and dogmatic Christian things, Christianity what I believe is not the one traditionally practiced which is lot more into heaven, hell, sin, conversion, “turn or burn” etc. Jesus was not a religious person and never said people to worship him in the whole Bible. All he asked was to follow his path of love. I am a free man and I have nothing to hide and I have no agenda. I like to see people at the same level. The last thing I want to do is to influence you or control your thinking. My point is to recognize you as a good fellow human being who has passion for the underprivileged people and work for them. I encourage you to be a great leader in the fight against the oppressors. I do differ with your methodology of feeling victimized and feel sorry for yourself. I see in that line of thinking there is no growth. The example I gave you about the holocaust was not just about the worst crime but it is more about the resiliency and courage of the Israel people. I personally witnessed when I visited Israel last year. No way I want to put you or any of your people down. We cannot undo the past and we cannot control Brahmins or any other human being for that matter. That does not mean there is no hope and I do believe what Jesus said “Blessed are the poor (both in material and spiritual)”. This has taken me years to understand. I do not say I just converted into a modern religion like putting on a new cloth. I did not come to find another god or to seek salvation. I wrote earlier I do not understand traditional theistic stuffs like heaven, hell, sin, salvation etc. But I do not argue with religious Christians. I came to Christ to find the exact meaning of love, not another religion. I am afraid for most people who embraced Christianity in India this is just another religion, perhaps better. It is very easy to put Jesus or Mary in an altar and worship like most Hindus do. Personally I have had may own downsides and I still struggle at times. Do not be judgemental in telling me I am just after individual salvation. What is salvation? Slave in Latin means a topical healing medicine. Love is healing. I really do not understand they are after saving souls. They think there will be an eternal fire for the unbelievers, the concept not much different from karmic concept of Hindus (Brahmins). I applaud your effort is collective salvation.


When you find a cobra, will you refuse to be “judgemental”? Or will you kill the poisonous viper? The zionist Jews in US and Brahminism in India are cousins and both cobras. It is this cobra that killed even Gandhi. Even educated people like you are so ill-informed. The Govt. of India’s Scheduled Caste Commission which oversees the “special quotas in education and job” has said nothing is implemented in the past 60 years. When primary schools itself do not exist in rural areas, how can Dalits get education and avail the special quotas? Brahminical media is publishing false news. If DV closes, the heavens will not fall. We know it. But it proves that the country is falling. It is already at the 134th rank of the 187 countries in the world. DV closure indicates it is sinking deeper. Let it. That is your philosophy. Not ours. Though you became a Christian, you have not given up your Brahminism. Wherever the Brahmin goes, he carries his caste (identity) which is more dangerous than religion. In Gujarat, there is a caste called Bania (Gandhi was one). A large number of them became Muslims and called themselves Bohras but continued to be blood-suckers. During the 2002 Gujarat Genocide of Muslims in which over 2,500 Muslims were slaughtered by the hate-mongering Hindus, the Bohra Muslims were also killed. When they faced death, the Bohras begged the killers to spare them saying they were Banias but they were not spared. India has a mere 15% upper castes (Hindus including Brahmins) but we have no instance of one single leopard changing its spot. We know everything about the Holocaust but history says the Jew, the creators of the Holocaust industry, killed more Christians in Russia to establish their communism. Every reply you have given ever since you came in contact with us reveals you as a 150% Brahmin hiding under a Christian mask. Please don’t worry about DV. You got converted to Christianity, after not being able to tolerate the stink of Brahminism but only to seek “individual salvation”. But we are in the mission of seeking “collective salvation”. Individual salvation is no solution. Only collective salvation liberates a society. Jesus fought for collective salvation — EDITOR.


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