Communication Rights of Dalit People in India

According to the Indian Constitution, Dalit (Outcastes and Untouchables) Rights are also Human Rights. But unfortunately after 61 years of independence, Dalits are still discriminated against by upper caste Hindus all over the country. They are demeaned and targeted not only by upper castes but also by the Government machinery which favours those who have social status and political power.
It is in this context that this project is focusing on the struggle for redeeming the 1,205 acres of ancestral land which was given to 6,000 Dalit families by the British Government under the Depressed Class Land Act before India’s Independence in 1947. This land was later taken away from the Dalits by the government of Tamil Nadu. The Association for the Rural Poor will spearhead the struggle along with ecumenical church bodies, citizens’ groups, civil society organisations, committed activists, students, intellectuals and many Dalit leaders who have come together to forge an alliance to redeem the land and support the villagers.


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