Mahadeva was the first mulnivasi Indian democratic ruler during the Indus civilization. He had a severe war against the invader brahmins. He destroyed and killed brahmins brutally; so, brahmins started calling him as the GOD OF DESTRUCTION. He was the 1st ruler of his tribal democracy ( GANA-RAJYA ); so, he is also called as MAHA-GANAPATI.

His son GANESHA became the succeeding ruler after MAHADEVA. so, he is called as GANA-RAJ or GANAPATI. His totem was an Elephant; so, he is also called as GOD OF ELEPHANT. He had defeated his enemy ( probably invading BRAHMINS ) having totem RAT. So, rat is always shown at the foot of Ganesha.

In 800 A.D., cunning brahmin ADI SHANKARACHARYA destroyed Buddhist university TAXASILA. He burnt alive the Buddhist monks there and applied the burnt ash of the buddhist monks to his whole body. Since then he started calling himself as an INCARCINATION ( AVATAR ) of MAHADEVA. So, peoples started calling MAHADEVA as SHANKARA. 

Since then, brahmins worship MAHADEVA as SHANKARA. It means that, Shankara is a brahamanized form of mulnivasi Mahadeva. SHANKARA means cunning brahmin ADI SHANKARACHARYA; it doesnt mean MAHADEVA!! Thats why, Brahmins never worship MAHADEVA but they worship SHANKARA. So, Shankara is a distorted and brahamanized form of mulnivasi MAHADEVA.

MAHADEVA is the original name and it indicates the real history. Thats why, SHIVAJI MAHARAJ and all MULNIVASI INDIANS remember MAHADEVA by calling HAR HAR MAHADEV. Brahmins never call this. Brahmins call JAY JAY RAGHUVIR SAMARTHA. All mulnivasi Indians should follow MAHADEVA only and not SHANKARA!!! 

Source : https://www.facebook.com/notes/pratap-chatse/why-mahadeva-is-called-as-shankara-/262656030433688  


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