Is DALIT VOICE site on WEB is Hijacked? Is VTR Stopped to Raise the voice of the Persecuted Humanity?

Dear Friends,

For last few Days you may not locate Dalit Voice Homepage or any other page at all. It is stunning for those who use this Alternative Mag as Guide Book for MULNIVASI BAHUJAN Ambedkarite Movement. It has been the only space for us for decades.For Ignorance and Lack of Commitment, the Educated Creamy Layer of SC, ST and OBC NEVER did support the Campaign single handedly led by VTR for so many years. It was declared to be shut down. The Brahaminical Hegemony was dancing with joy! But Committed Ambedkarites ensured that the DALIT VOICE must be Sustined. Recently VTR shifted from Bangluru to Mangalore with Dalit Voice. The mag slimmed but the CONTENT was very very relevant. The Last issue available on net EXPOSED the Civil Society on so much so hyped LOKPAL Bill. The Bill is introduced with Excellent Floor Adjustment of the Brahaminical Political Parties PUSHING Reforms and Ethnic Cleanisng. Suddenly Dalit Voice Disappeared from Net. Acoercial site opens whenever you browse for Dalit Voice. We know, CYBER LAW is meant to kill free Expression. The RULING LPG Mafia Rule in India and CIVIL Society wants to KILL Ambedkarite Movement, Ideology, Constititution of Indian Nation and Constitutional safeguards for the Excluded Communities. NGOs and Civil society have jointly launched a Joint VENTURE to Kill DEMOCRATIC Set UP and CONSTITUTION to Promote FREE Market Economy and Politics. We have not heard from VTR as yet.

It is a RED ALERT that we must stand UNITED with DALIT VOICE and VTR and Do Everything to sustain our Voice for our own sustenance!!!


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  2. I also didnt find web page of Dalit Voice its shocking for me.

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