St Paul’s Cathedral focuses on dalits

Untouchability and dalit community in India was the theme of the Eucharist last Sunday at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.
The Eucharist, at 6pm, was the second in a series of three on the theme of untouchability.
Margaret Kalaiselvi of Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary spoke on the subject.

It coincided with a new photography exhibition, Being Untouchable, by Marcus Perkins for Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).
The exhibition gives an insight into the lives of Indian dalits, formerly called “untouchables”, and demonstrates how centuries of oppression have impacted the community.
The intimate portraits also explore how although “untouchability” was abolished by India’s Constitution, it continues to be practised today.
The exhibition will be on at St Paul’s Cathedral till July 6.
CSW’s National Director Stuart Windsor said, “We welcome St Paul’s Cathedral’s focus on the plight of Dalits in India, and hope that this meditative Eucharist will serve to amplify the cause of justice for them.”


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