UP state-level DV members meet : April 24, 2011 at Lucknow

DV is happy to announce its third state-level get-together of its UP family members at Lucknow on April 24, 2011. 

We are encouraged by the wonderful response we got at the fourth Orissa DV members meet. Orissa is a small state, backward state and also a poor state. And yet a record number of our family turned up at the meeting on Feb.13, 2011. Almost every district was represented. All our books sold out. 

UP is a far bigger state — the largest in India and the most populous. And more than that ruled by a powerful Dalit woman Chief Minister on her fourth term. Besides, UP’s DV membership is large — much bigger than Orissa. 

But lately UP has fallen behind Orissa.

The first meeting of DV family members took place on Jan.23 and 24, 2004 at Lucknow — seven years ago. (DV Edit Feb.16, 2004: “DV Lucknow workshop rejects bid to divide Dalits & BCs: Bahujan unity must to fight Brahminism”, and “Caste identity as key to our liberation” (p.4). 

The second one-day meeting of the DV family was also held at Lucknow on Sept.28, 2008 to celebrate the silver jubilee of Dalit Voice (DV Nov.1, 2008 p.22: “Mayawati’s super strategy: Using diamond to cut diamond”). DV members even from AP, Maharashtra, Haryana and Bihar were present.

Meeting Place: The venue of the forthcoming meeting will be the same: OM India, No.5 - Wazir Hassan Road, Lucknow - 226 002. (Ph. 0522 - 220 71 34) 

The country is simply sinking. Our upper caste rulers (15%) today are so well-entrenched and so confident that they have fooled the Bahujans (85%) in the name of socialism, non-violence. So much so they are furiously going ahead with looting the country by enslaving our people. But our people — despite being under grinding poverty, unemployment daily violence — are unaware of their pain being under the spell of Hindu intoxication. 

DV has been screaming about all this — repeatedly reminding them about our obligations to our Father, Dr. Ambedkar. But as our small minority “educated brothers” having betrayed our Father, even as the illiterate majority is unaware of us, we have remained helpless.

So much so, DV itself was about to commit suicide, but miraculously saved by the timely intervention by some thinking members.

The Editor wants to share all these and many more of our agony at the April 24 meeting.

Are we to live permanently as slaves?

DV members in UP have one and half months to think, plan and respond.

As the announcement is given in the DV itself, we will not be able to send separate individual invitations which we can’t afford.

Hence please take this itself as our invitation.


The topic for discussion will be announced in the next issue.

DV has done its best to wake up the sleeping people. But we can’t help regarding those pretending to sleep.

As this is written several West Asian and African countries are on fire — burning its long entrenched tyrants.

But in India, our over 3,000 year-old Brahminical tyrants are going strong — unchallenged. This is because we are refusing to get angry.

Our Father, Babasaheb Ambedkar, is weeping in his Dadar (Bombay) grave — EDITOR.



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