DV’s role in Arab revolution


At last DV theories have started working and provoking victims of zionist Jew thoughts to overthrow the oppressive Arab regimes.
We are finally seeing a massive revolt against zionist regimes. The “Arab” regimes have been propped up by the USA at the behest of Israel which controls the US foreign policy in the Arab World. What is happening in the Arab World shall spread to India and the Muslim world as a whole. People forget the governments of the Arab world were essentially propped up by French and British colonists, and the European nations made Israel in stolen Arab territory known as Palestine.

America has long supported democracy only in word — not in deed. Freedom will finally spread to India and Dalits, shudras and Adivasis will unite in overthrowing the Brahminist cabal once and for all. What wicked corporate dictators you have. May India become free like Tunisia. May you join Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and Syria in the cry for freedom. It is time. Dalits — Rise up and be free! Bahujans — Rise up and be free.

Wikileak attack on Dalit Voice: I studied your arguments against Wikileaks. I read of a Indo-Zionist conspiracy behind it. India remains completely untouched by Wikileaks. China is specifically targeted. The best site I found was

http://www.pakalertpress. com/2010/12/03/wikileaks-and-espionage-%e2%80%93-israeli-style/

which shows Wikileaks does have an agenda and is, therefore, not just an information site. One cannot expose the evils of the world by ignoring the evils of the Brahminism or of Israel.


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