Brahmin & Dalit liberation


I am entering into 12th year of my DV subscription. In this association it appears to me that the Dalits were led to self-destruction by reducing Ambedkarism to derogatory remarks on Brahmin and Brahminism.
In past few Letters of mine you might have noticed that quite equally a Brahmin can also remark on Dalits in a hi-tech way which can make the Dalits to get scattered. Hence such a fight is meaningless. There is no argument against if the Dalits want to have a self-respect movement. They are welcome and the entire world supports that. But this cannot be achieved by making derogatory remarks on Brahmins, instead it will be surely achieved by undergoing drastic education and contributing for cultural development.


Bahujan war is only against Brahminism — not Brahmin

“Hindu India” is full of contradictions: minor, major, antagonistic, non-antagonistic, principal contradictions. A great expert in this “law of contradictions”. Mao Tse-tung, has scientifically codified these laws in his historic book called the Law of Contradictions (photocopy available with us Rs. 50) and explained the significance of each contradiction and also when and how to fight and eliminate the contradiction.

The most important task before those involved in resolving these contradictions is to first identify the principal contradiction. This is a very difficult task because the different contradictions are very confusing and misleading, and ordinary persons are very often made to fight the wrong contradiction and then get defeated.

Identifying the principal contradiction in “Hindu India’s” context is a super human task because the ruling Brahminists have created a thick forest of confusion with their monopoly on the education system, text-book writing, media, culture, fine arts, bureaucracy, judiciary, and almost every sphere of the society.


But having studied the Mao’s book, “On Contradiction”, (available with DV), we have no difficulty in saying that under the Indian condition Brahminism presents itself as the principal contradiction which has to be first fought and eliminated.

Only after this task is completed those involved in social movement can go after other contradictions—but step by step.

This is not the first time we are stating this but incorrigible people who either do not know the complicated and complex Indian society or those having a closed mind, mislead the innocents by confusing the issues.

As they have the monopoly media, they can easily mislead the innocents.

Right from the days of the Budha, the greatest Indian, down to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, the Father of India, all the revolutionary figures have identified the principal contradiction: Brahminism.

But remember, without the Brahmin there is no Brahminism. That is how every socio-cultural movement in India has been only against Brahminism. But the Brahmins with their loud mouth shout saying that everybody is against them. The fact is the people are only against Brahminism.

There is no instance of any one from the Bahujan Samaj (85%) attacking or killing a Brahmin. But it is the other way. The most famous is a Brahmin killing M.K. Gandhi and his entire jati people celebrating it by distributing sweets.

Brother Prakash offers “education” and “cultural development” as the two solutions towards Dalit liberation. Fine. These very two sectors into which Dalits are barred even after 60-odd years of “independence”.

Mahatma Phule and his wife were physically attacked in Pune when they were engaged in “educating” the Dalits.

We call upon Prakash to study the law of contradiction to clear himself if he is honestly interested in understanding this unending 3,000-year-old war between the country’s original inhabitants (85%) and its invading foreign rulers — EDITOR.


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