History of “Hindu terrorism”

 I have been asked to speak on the “History of oppression” in India.What the organisers meant was the history of the oppression on Muslims and Dalits and other communities.
As the Editor o
f Dalit Voice we have been writing and speaking on this subject for the past over 30 years in our paper and our 100 odd books.

As this is essentially a Muslim gathering, I will confine myself to the oppression on Muslims.

As a student of history, I can tell you that Muslims of India did not come from Arabia, Turkey, Iraq or Iran.

Barring some 10% or so, the entire Muslim population of the undivided India is indigenous. This is a historical fact.

You are all our blood brothers. Look at my colour, my nose, my eyes and yours — all look alike. (cheers).

Then how did you become Muslims?

This is because you could not tolerate the Brahminical oppression flowing out of its caste system — the worst form of racism in the world.

Because Islam does not believe in racism and assures justice, equality and brotherhood, all of you embraced Islam and got yourself liberated. Congratulations.

Our only complaint is when you went into a beautiful house, you forgot your blood brothers, Dalits.

Muslims form about 15 to 20% of India’s 1,300 millions. In fact Muslim population is more than the Hindu population which is 15%.

And yet Muslims are called “minorities”. This a big joke. Muslims have been cheated by calling you minorities.

Muslims are not “minorities” Muslims are the country’s biggest majority religion — one Quran, one god, one masjid, one law, one religion. (cheers).

Besides, Islam is a great liberating religion. The Brahminical rulers are jealous of you. That is why India’s oppressed castes and communities embraced Islam.

And this so-called Hinduism, which is nothing but Brahminism, became weak. Hinduism is not the name of this religion. It is not even a religion. Supreme Court has said this.

The micro-minority Brahminical forces are deeply worried that more and more oppressed, persecuted Dalits will get converted to Islam to seek brotherhood.

And their bogus Brahminism will simply disappear. That is why the ruling Brahminists, a micro-minority of less than 3%, are furious with Islam and Muslims.

So to over come this serious problem of Islam, which is not allowing them to get even sleep in the night, they have adopted an ingenious trick. What is this trick?

This trick is called “hinduisation” of the non-Hindu SC/ST/BCs – 65%.

As this ruling Brahminists have all the wealth, the media, their temples and gods with the govt., judiciary and police to support them, they have manufactured a weapon called “Islamic terrorism”.

But Rahul Gandhi, who is called as our future PM, says “Hindu terrorism” is posing greater danger to India than any other threat.

He did not blame “Islamic terrorism”. His opinion has come in today’s paper. It is a front page story, which all of you must have read.

I will elaborate on what this “Islamic terrorism” is. My friend, S.M. Mushrif, IPS officer and former IG of police, has written a book, Who Killed Karkare, in which he has elaborately discussed about “Hindu terrorism” and how this terrorism is actively supported by the govt. itself. The book is kept outside for sale.

The “Hindu terrorists” are manufacturing bombs and targeting important places to put the blame on the innocent Muslims.

My friend Abdul Nasser Madani of Kerala is rotting in Bangalore jail for the past six months.

If the police have evidence against him, why can’t they file the charges and put him on trial?

Earlier, he was in Coimbatore jail for 8 years. Supreme Court itself asked the govt. to put him on trial.

The police had nothing. Finally he was released.

Hundreds and thousands of young Muslims are rotting in different jails for years without any charge.

My son is the head of the Amnesty International in London. The ruling class is furious with the Amnesty. They are not allowing him to open their office in India.

But the problem is the Muslims are not getting angry. In Kashmir, Muslims are getting angry fighting and dying.

In Palestine, they are fighting. In Iraq, Afghanistan they are fighting and drove the Americans out.

But in India the Muslims who are having such a glorious, such a powerful religion — ruled India for 1000 years — have simply surrendered to the Hindu terrorists who are destroying our country itself.

The Jews of the West and the “Jews of India” have converted India into a vast battlefield and made this a beggar country.

This is brief in the history of Hindu oppression.

[Speech delivered at the “Discover Islam” (DIET) conference in Bangalore on Dec.18, 2010]



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