Appeal to DV life members

We know the Brahminists hate us. They have to. If they love us that means we are untrustworthy.But what is surprising, if not shocking, is the behaviour of our own DV family members, that too life members. They are not helping us to overcome the serious financial crisis which decided us to close down DV.

Life members are not ordinary DV readers. They are the most dedicated family members, the back bone of DV. If they are reluctant to pay up the balance of Rs. 1,500 – raised from the old (LM) Rs. 3,500 to new Rs. 5,000, how can they be the backbone?

One member from UP argues that old DV life members should not be asked to pay up Rs. 1,500 – even when he says he is a dedicated DV reader. What type of dedication is this?

Out of our total number of LM, not even 13% have paid the balance of Rs. 1,500 despite repeated appeals. Is this dedication?

Educated, English-knowing Dalits are hated by the Hindus. Daily punished, their blood sucked. Instead of fighting them, our family members not only surrendered but prostrated before Brahminists and their 33 crore gods.


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