Ugly face of Agrahara University (HCU)


Hyderabad Central University, Hyderabad, is a place where the Bahujans are under the clutches of monstrous brutality. During the 2007-2009 academic years, this manuvadi university has sucked the blood of Senthil Kumar and Balaraj, the two brilliant PhD scholars.
Senthil, a Tamil Nadu Dalit, is doing PhD in physics. He was the first from his community to be a scholar but his journey to become a scientist was sabotaged by a Brahmin physicist. Balraj, an OBC (shepherd) student, was humiliated and asked to go back to his caste profession (according to the guidelines of Manu Smriti).

Bomb against Brahmins: What is shocking is this university is recognized as No.1 in India only because of the “Modern Manus” here sitting in AC chambers and effectively implementing the Manu constitution the only constitution, being implemented discarding Dr. Ambedkar’s constitution.

Crossing all these Manuwadi hurdles, the Bahujan students here were getting organised to know our hidden history and contributions of forefathers. Finally the Bahujan students got an opportunity to bring India’s most courageous intellectual, V.T. Rajshekar, who is considered as a bomb by the Brahmins and fast demolishing all Brahminical pillars.

VTR’s lecture came under Brahminical hammer. They wanted to disturb his meeting in the university. These creatures have no objection to the portraits of Vivekananda, their god Rama. But our heroes like Mahatma Phule and Babasaheb Ambedkar are hated. But VTR unveiled the portraits of Kranthi Jyothi Savitribai, Rashtra Pita Mahatma Phule and Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Then they created the problem in getting the auditorium which was already reserved by us. After a prolonged mischief by the Brahmin administration, VTR went to the dais to attack the mischief-makers. They did every thing by sending warning calls, creating disturbance to the organizers, negative campaign, diverting the students entering the auditorium by using few stooges. But nothing prevented the burning flame of the knowledge of Editor of Dalit Voice. Students have successfully used the opportunity to expose the mischief-makers. (DV March 1, 2009 p.11: “Hindu teachers drive to Dalit suicide”) (haribhim@gmail.com)


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