IT industry inefficient


Bangalore: The much publicised IT industry has been almost a monopoly of the Brahminical Dwijas. And anything these 15% of the upper castes touch becomes mud.

The city of Bangalore, called the “Silicon Valley of India”, started dying after the IT fellows embraced it. But now comes the news from India’s top most IT captain, Tata Consultancy, that the Indian IT industry is a dud — if not dunce.

Madras: Despite huge growth, the IT industry is very inefficient as a huge amount spent on development goes waste, a top official of IT solutions provider Tata Consultancy Services said here on Oct.10, 2010.

“The number of technologies hitting the market is countless and users are getting sophisticated. But an important aspect of the IT industry is that it is very inefficient. There is a huge opportunity to invest and increase efficiency in the IT industry”, Tata Consultancy Services CEO and Managing Director N. Chandrasekaran said. (Deccan Herald, Oct.15, 2010)

The head of the Jewish (Israel) Hightech Industry Assn., Aron Mankovski, says the IT industry in Israel is involved in innovation and the rest is coding or execution. But in India the ratio is 15% innovation and 85% execution. Israeli IT industry is role model, admits India. But those involved here are duds. (DH Nov.3, 2010).


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