OBC leader’s tributes to DV


I am glad the Dalit Voice continues to be published under great pain, although the debate on “Closing down” makes an eye-opener reading.

Much has been done by you in the past 30 years to awaken the SC/ST/OBC masses. The Mahars of Maharashtra, the Meenas of Rajasthan and the Chamars of UP are an enlightened and or well-organised lot.
Don’t blame OBCs: They could have easily led the movement of emancipation of the masses of India, including the Dalits of the other provinces. Unfortunately this very thing, which was dreamt of by Dr. Babasaheb, did not take place.
To blame the OBC for not being awakened or active enough is not fair because OBC is not a homogenous group.
Even in Maharashtra, the Marathas of Shivaji called the “Mawalas” are poorer than the Dalits. They are despised by the landed Marathas. Marathas are also called Kunbi in Vidarbha and Konkan but they are not loved by the old jamindari Marathas.
It is Dalits attacking OBCs: Your correspondent’s observation (Oct.1, 2010 p.19) does not hold ground. The OBCs do attack the Dalit and the Muslims in the poorer states like Orissa, Bihar, Meghalaya etc. but in the advanced states of Maharashtra, Punjab and Kerala, it is now the turn of the Dalits to attack OBC. To that end the Brahmins are providing all the financial, media, moral, legal and judicial help to the Dalits. This aspect may be probed. I would present full evidence of the same.
Brother Nagesh Choudhary’s snipe at Shivaji, the great, is more out of his present-day compulsions than truth.


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