Dalits as leaders of Revolution can’t abandon Bahujans

Brother Dhanapal is a recent entry into the DV family and totally new to this field. However, his suggestions are all well taken. None can dout his sincerity.

The name of the journal may be Dalit Voice but it works for the liberation of the entire Bahujan Samaj: SC/ST/BCs (65%), Muslim/Christian/Sikhs (20%) plus even the Hindu women.
If you want to lift a heavy stone and throw it, you have to use all your five fingers. You can’t do it with just one. Dalits alone cannot bring about revolution though they are the “lowest” and yet the angriest. Hence they alone can be leaders of the revolution. Our Father, Babasaheb has said it.
We are fully aware that Muslims, Sikhs, Christians are not seriously interested in DV. OBCs are fully hinduised. Yet Dalits, as leaders of the revolution, remember that, they have a duty. Hence in DV we use all our five fingers to lift this heavy Bahujan stone to hit the Brahminical oppressors.
Among Dr. Ambedkar’s gurus, he had included two OBcs — Mahatma Phule and Shahu Maharaj. Can we ignore the contributions of Periyar EVR — ranked next only to Babasaheb?
DV is 30 years old and the path it has taken is time-tested. But certain improvements suggested will be welcomed with pleasure.
Reconciling the conflicting and chaotic forces that is Bahujan Samaj is not a joke. As we have no powerful media of our own and Brahminists have the monopoly, even our little work gets washed out. That is why we wanted the “media centre” in Delhi in which our Brothers took no interest ­ — EDITOR of dalitvoice.org.


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