Is it possible to fight the enemy without identifying the enemy?


Bangalore: We want to make it clear that no where in India the Bahujans are oppressing our centuries-old enemy. To this day our enemy-oppressor has not made even single complaint that we are oppressing them. It is the other way.

The Brahminists (15%) belonging to the upper castes are our enemy-oppressors is a well-known historical fact. They control the govt., legislature, media, judiciary, industry and commerce, plus the public opinion. More than that they also control the gods we are forced to worship. Ever since the fall of Budhism, which they killed, they have been our rulers and oppressors. All history books have said it. All our saints, savants and philosophers have also said it. None has disputed this fact.
What DV did: DV is only repeating this fact — so well known. The fact is we the Bahujans are daily kicked, killed, burnt, raped and our little property destroyed, our self-respect, human rights denied by this Brahminist enemy. That is what we have been writing in DV and our books.
We repeat: We have been writing only this fact in DV and our books and saying in our speeches. Nothing more.
In doing so, we have been only repeating the historical truth pronounced by every saint, seer, philosopher right from the Budha for centuries.
How can pointing out who is our enemy-oppressor can be called provocative and instigating violence?
Don’t identify enemy: What our “well-wishers” and even the enemy-oppressor say is: “You can go on criticising the enemy-oppressor without naming it. Don’t identify the enemy”. When the Brahminists have identified their enemy, namely SC/ST/BCs and Muslim/Christian/Sikhs, why should we also not identify our enemy?
Their advice is: “You can say that the ruling class is persecuting the SC/ST/BCs and Muslim/Christian/Sikhs. But don’t identify the enemy. Don’t name the Brahminist”.
The ruling Brahminists like (even love) the maoists, naxalites because they don’t identify the enemy.
A patient goes to the doctor so that he gets the disease diagnosed and cured. The doctor does it and then prescribes the right medicine. The disease is cured. The problem solved.
That is all DV is doing. The DV diagnosis has cured the Bahujan disease.


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