Did any Brahminist criticise his Brahminism & suffered for it?


Did any Brahminist criticise his Brahminism & suffered for it?


Bangalore: Dalit Voice was the first in the world to call Brahmins the “Jews of India” and bring out ever so many similarities in the two racists.

Brahmins form 2% or so of India’s 1,300 million population and Jews also form 2% of the American population. Both are the most hated communities in the world.

Jew killed for criticising Jews: But there is some essential differences between the two. The Jews, who too are a race (not a religion) like the Brahmins, have produced any number of revolutionaries who had the courage to criticise their own race and get killed for becoming the critics.

But we have not heard of any such revolutionary among the Bhoodevatas who had the courage to rebel against his own race.

We have just completed reading the works of two such Jewish luminaries. (1) Henry Makow, PhD, author of the shocking book Illuminati (The cult that hijacked the world), 2008, pp.300, Silver Green, Canada (photocopy available).

(2) The second important personality is Henry H. Klein, a great American patriot, who had the courage to say that Hitler’s famous Holocaust was a hoax and the Protocols of the World of Zion was not a forgery but a zionist creation.

He was poisoned to death (1955) in New York by the Jews only.

Read his book, Anti-Gentilism, Christian Defence League, Mandeville, LA 70470, USA (2010, pp.25, photocopy available).

We would like to know if there is any among the “Jews of India” who has rebelled against his race and suffered for saying the truth.


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