The big hoax called scientific research


Bangalore: As newspaperman we had the opportunity to visit a number of “scientific research institutes” and meet “scientists”. We have no private research in India. All that we have are govt-owned. Bangalore has the country’s “most famous” scientific institution — Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

Brahminical fortress: But what is the result? Did any Indian win any Nobel Prize? None after India became “independent”. Why scientific research is lagging despite all the state funding?

The article in DV (Oct.1, 2010 p.24: “Grass-eating monkeys pose as scientists with Russian know-how”) by Com. Ayyankali partly answers this question.

The answer is: If science has to flourish, the people who go into it must have a scientific temper. Those without a scientific temper cannot become scientists.

The IISc in Bangalore is a mile away from our office and we have visited it umpteen times. IISc is a well-funded Brahminical fortress from top to bottom and to these Brahminists their religion and caste are more important than science.

As the Brahminists are also India’s rulers, they have killed the very scientific temper and the science died even before it was born.

That is why India is last (it is last in everything else except boasting) in science.

As the Indians have lost trust in anything made in India, they go for every thing that is foreign including foreign cars.

Vedic value system: That is how India is lagging in scientific research. The Brahminists will never, ever give up their anti-science belief system. Because the moment they give up their vedic value system, they lose the country’s leadership to which they are not ready. So, they put their vedic values above the country. The country may suffer. Who cares? They get their fat salary, big bungalow, plenty of perks, foreign jaunts.

On the top of that, periodically they organise a well-publicised award-giving ceremony. “A” gives the award to “B” and after two months “B” gives another award to “C”. Both “C” and “B” join and give an award to “A”. The merry-go-round goes on. People are fooled. The country gets cheated. So what? They don’t lose anything. They fool the people and continue to get awards and rewards.


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