DV catches the thief red-handed


Wikipedia article (DV Nov.1, 2010, p.3) criticised DV for “supporting” Hitler but the Truth is the original supporters of Hitler were the Brahmins. They brought a pretty, young French woman to

India (1932), made her “fall in love” with Brahminism, brainwashed her on the Brahminical love for Hitler, and made her write a book praising Hitler. It is this book that helped the Brahminists to become close to German Nazis, Hitler and then turn them against the British whom they hated. The Brahminists called themselves “Hindu
nationalists” and pure Aryans — though they were not — but Kazhars and Eurasians like the Jews. Savitri Devi was paraded in India as a great Hindu scholar. She described Hitler as the “both sun and lightning”. She compared Hitler to Brahminic gods like Kalki, Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwar. Brahminists influenced the entire lot of thought leaders of Germany by using her charisma. They hailed Hitler’s plan to make Germany a “pure-blooded German race” by eliminating the Jews. Savitri Devi profusely quotes from the Brahminical Vedas, Bhagavad Gita and called the Jews “the world’s only real enemy”. The Jews then hated Brahminists for pretending to be Aryans. Even as the Brahmin M.N. Roy went to Soviet Russia under the Jewish dictatorship and got himself trained in communism, Brahminists were busy in Germany advising Hitler on how to eliminate Jews. Savitri Devi bitterly criticised Jewish-made marxism even as Brahmin M.N. Roy was selling the Jewish philosophy of Marxism in India. Such contradictions are possible only under the wonder that is Brahminism.



Savitri Devi

Hails Hitler as the greatest European

of all times.

It was Savitri Devi who brought the

Indian Brahminical terrorists close

to Hitler and Germany and

then they finally deceived the Germans.

Savitri Devi became vegetarian

and a Hindu.

2000 pp. 200

National Vanguard Books, USA.

Photocopy available with DV - Rs. 150



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